June 19, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 50

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munay berry ????

Episode 50

Sawyer’s POV

The whole cafeteria was messed up by us,

we were still enjoying it when principal Randall came outta no where.

“What in God’s name is happening here” she said making everyone stop

“Mind explaining what happened  here ” she said adjusting her spectacles looking at me in particular.

By now the whole cafeteria was dead silent ???? everyone disappeared leaving only me and Miguel.

“Erm ma’am can we talk about this” Miguel said giving her his brightest smile.

“The only talk you will get is detention you too”  she said

While I giggled slightly

“What’s that” she asked

“No nothing ma” I said smiling sheepishly

“No get cleaning you two” she barked

Before adjusting her suit before walking away

“Miguel start cleaning” I mocked

While the two us of burst into uncontrollably laughter

Principal Randall is a very mean and strict person

You dare not defile her orders

Detention!!  Detention?!!  That’s her favorite slang.

“Sawyer look what you at what you started you should be the only one doing the cleaning not me” Miguel said with an eye roll

“But you you enjoyed it ” I said with sarcasm

Miguel POV

We both seating detention Communicating with our eyes and laughing quietly

Suddenly the fire alarm Went off

Everyone ran outta detention towards the hall

I held on to sawyer’s hand tightly

We ran into the hallway full of students I don’t see any fire,

“Someone set a false alarm and I wonder why ” I said but I got no reply.

“Sawyer?  I turned to my side but she is not there

Swayer!!  Where could she be??

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