July 28, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 51

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munay berry ????

Episode 51

Sawyer’s POV

I was holding hands with Miguel at the hall way full with students when all of a sudden a hand covered my mouth and moved me outta the crowd without Miguel noticing.

I tried struggling with this unknown hands
Turns out the pair of hands are really strong

Fear grip me instantly. What’s going on?

Where are they taking me too cause I couldn’t see a thing, the unknown person blindfolded me and took me to God knows where

But I had a feeling we are still around the school premises.

We got to stop and my blindfold was removed that was when I realize we are in the most isolated part of the school

I was placed at the roof top of an uncompleted five storey building by three unknown guys.

“Who are you!!  What do you… Want.. From me ” I shuttered.

Only for me to receive a tight slap across the face

“Shut the crap bitch” one of them said in a harsh tone,

My tears came out like a river as fear was written over my body thinking of the possibility of what they might do to me.

“Any last word?

“???? huh ” I asked un aware of what they meant by that

They pushed me off the building.

I screamed before falling off.

“I love you Miguel” was the only word on my lips before I closed my eyes tightly

Waiting for death to come

Miguel POV

Sawyer!!!  I shouted checking almost all the classes in school

But she was no where to be found

I became scared instantly.

Sawyer where are you please stop this terrible joke I thought

I get this weird feeling that something is wrong.

I keep getting the urge to go the isolated part of school
Its like am being drawn there.

I decided to check their even tho I doubt if should be there.

I was close to the building when I saw something or should I say someone.

An idea popped up in my head on how to save the person from falling directly to the ground

“Wait is that sawyer????

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