August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 52

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munay berry ????

Episode 52

Miguel POV

Wait is that sawyer
I Was quick to locate the old abandoned trampoline just close by

I rushed and placed properly for her to land on.

She landed and bounced falling on me in the process with her eye shut and tears at the corner of her eyes.

What is doing in this isolated place

“Open your eyes swayer” I said

“Is this heaven ” she asked with her eyes still shut.

I chuckled she is crazy

“No sawyer its me Miguel open your eyes baby” I said


She opened her eyes immediately and hugged me tightly with fear written all over her

I wonder what happened here

“Its okay baby calm down am here for you, don’t be scared okay “I said pating her back

She nodded

“What happen sawyer how did you end up in this isolated place ” I asked curiously

“I don’t know Miguel some strange guys brought me here with out you knowing the problem now is don’t know them,
They pushed me over the building for a while I thought I was gonna loose you for ever” she said sobbing into my arms

“Never baby am here for you I promise nobody can hurt you as long as am still breathing, they might be the same people that turn on the alarm so as to distract everyone ” i said and kissed her hair.

But what do they want from sawyer

Sawyer started laughing I wonder what’s fun.

“What’s funny babe “I asked smiling

“You look cow poop she said

I burst into uncontrollably laughter

“So do you sawyer, I started tickling her till she was at the verge of tears because of to much laughter.

Let’s get outta here baby “I said standing

“So do we go to now, we can’t go back to class looking like zombies ” she said with a smirk.

“Let’s go home babe ” I said holding her hands walking towards the gate.

Ruby POV

Meanwhile ruby stood somewhere watching them, her plans didn’t go well

Argh screw you Miguel, why did you have to save her huh!  I said angrily and punch a tree

“What do I do now,??
Miguel just spoilt my plans

Now I need to start thinking of a new plan to bring sawyer down.

Ruby think!!  She isnt smart like you just think of something ” I said pacing back and forth

Just then an idea struck me.

I grinned wickedly rubbing my palm together

She won’t know what hit her.

Sawyer’s POV

I can’t believe I almost died few minutes ago

Thanks to Miguel I owe him my life for the second time

One reason I can’t love him less

We hold hands and started walking towards our neighborhood in a comfortable silence

Kicking anything in our path.

“baby let’s do something fun while we going home “Miguel said

“Okay what do we do while still going ” I asked.

“Let’s act like zombies and scare people alittle before going home” he said grinning

“Durr we look like real zombies “I said laughing like a kid.

We ruined our clothes alittle making it look more real.

We walked around the street scaring people who ran for their dear lives.

There a time I went to the back of a military man he was busy boasting to them that he is not afraid of any body.
I tap his shoulder from behind and maintain my best horror face ever.

You need to see how this man took to his heels when he saw me.

I burst into laughter that tears started coning out of my eyes

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