June 19, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 124

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He And Her V.

Episode 124

Sam’s POV.

I walked to the front of the house ,I looked around ,everywhere was dark and silent.

It was night and unlike other times when folks would still be moving around ,everywhere was so quiet and there was no movement from anyone.

This makes the job easier for me now. I hit the door with a heavy kick and it gave way.

On entering , I came into view with the large living room. I really didn’t know what room she is but I’m sure Camilla will be inside too.

And that very girl should have a room as well ,I Wish I can know what room that girl sleeps.

I began to check the doors of the room and just hearkening my hear to the sound coming from the room.

I wasn’t hearing any sound from any of those rooms though ,but I’m following my instinct.

I really hope that they didn’t hear the heard kick I used to break the door.

Maybe ,I should have just find a way of opening it gently. With this silence in the room ,there is obviously no knowledge by anyone in this house that a stranger is in.

I walked to the last rooms and noticed the doors were not closed unlike the first two rooms I saw.

Those first two rooms must be for Camilla and Grace.

I went back to a room that was right beside that of Grace and tried to open it but noticed it was locked from inside.

I brought a knife from my pocket and worked on the door till it gave way. Though there were noises from the twist and the crack but I do hope that no one hears.

I opened the door and gladly , I saw the little girl sleeping.

I looked left and right ,back and front and noticed there was no sound.

I moved to the girl and covered her nose with a toxic anky I had with me. I knew at once that she won’t wake for another two hours.

I carried her and held the gun by my left hand just in case I sight anyone working for Grace.

Cause I guess she might have employed another arm.

I walked to the entrance and I heard a soft crack behind me. I turned in fear and watched intently . I hide for a while and stood still.

When I didn’t see or perceive anything else after a minute , I assume the sound might be from whatever !

I walked out and walked gently towards my car.

I opened the door and I suddenly felt a bullet pierce my back. I stumbled to the car and tried to keep my eyes open while wondering who shot.

I tried to stand and looked towards the house but I didn’t see anyone.

I summoned little energy and carried the girl inside the car well. I closed the door on her ,this time I had being feeling so weak and tired.

I just hope that I have little strength to drive to that hospital.

I entered the driver’s sit and another bullet pierced through the window but it didn’t touch me.

I kick started the car immediately and another bullet fired into my right shoulder.

I screamed in pain but still pressed the accelerator of the car. The car moved to where I do not even know.

I couldn’t maintain an opened eye again ,the bullet was fast piercing through my whole body.


I opened my eye about a number of hours later ,I do not know how many hours I had spent there.

I realized that I was laid on a metal desk ,tied from head to toe.

Who in the world shot me and how did I get here.

“Sam Don!” I heard a familiar voice called and Grace came into view.

He And Her V. Episode 125
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