July 28, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 44

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????????IN LOVE ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????



Mr Cabrera did go to the court to find out the person who’d filed the case against his client Juan Kingston,
But the judge was very persistent in telling him who was behind the charges.
“Why tell my client to appear in court if he doesn’t know who had filed the case against them.
This is so preposterous!” He exclaimed,

“Mr Cabrera, its nothing to shout or yell about,
The only thing is that you present your client to court two weeks from now.
That’s all.” The judge advised him.
“That’s the least I can do for you,
So if you don’t have anything apart from this to say,
I’ll appreciate it if you excuse me cause I’ve a meeting to attend.” The judge stood up from his seat and walked to the door.
In anger,the lawyer stood up and left the office.

Since the Kingstons couldn’t guess who was behind the charges,
What they could do was wait till the next two weeks when the complainant will appear in court.
“But honey since this case it related to Garry’s death,
Don’t you think it’s that daughter of his Eva that must have filed the case?” Davina asked her husband barely some few days before they were to appear at court.

“Joseph and that Mal didn’t kill her cause Davis and another man interfered,
Joseph had told us that,remember?” She asked,
Juan began to put the puzzles together,
“But why doesn’t she want to appear and make it known to us that she’s filing a case against us?”
Everything still baffles Juan,
“If Eva has filed the case,
It means that she’s back to New York and has been the one pulling the strings hindering Joseph’s release.

“It’s a shame we didn’t kill her when we’d the chance to end her life,
But now,were going to fish her out from wherever she’s hiding and get rid of her for good.” Davina cursed,
“Now where can we find her and her son?” Davina asked,
“There’s no way we can find her,let’s wait till she appears in court.
Then we’ll know what she really wants.” The man said.
Since Eva wants to play hide and seek,
He’s not going to go after her now,
He’s going to wait till she’s unaware and think she has won over them and that’s when he’s going to strike.
He’s going to torment her till she’s sees him as her greatest nightmare,
This is his promise to her.

On the appointed date,
Adrian and Diego got woke up very early to prepare to go to the court,
They called Mr Munroe and confirmed for more confidence,
After that,Adrian called Eva,
“Hey Eve.” He said casually when she took the call,
“How’re you doing?” He asked her,
“I’m just fine,
Missing you a lot.” She said sadly,
“Hey baby,
You don’t have to be sad,
Everything’s going to be okay,just a little more time.
We’re going to the court today,
Its no drag case cause we’ve got every evidence we need against the Kingstons.
The court need no adjournment or long wait,
It’s just simple and crystal clear.” He assured her,

“What if they try to hurt you or Diego or even Mr Munroe?” She asked,
It’s normal,in such cases one always have doubts.
Maybe things wouldn’t go as planned and they might end up loosing the case against the Kingstons.
“Eva,nothing of that sort will happen,
We’ve got everything under control here.” He assured her,
Eva like his confidence and still is scared about it.
Silently she prayed everything goes well and Justice’s served everyone.

“Eve,you’ve gat to take care,
I’ll call you by the end of the day to tell you of the courts verdict.” Adrian said to her and hung up.
“She’s scared right?” Diego asked,
He nodded.
“She should be,
But nevertheless,
Things are going to go out fine.” Diego assured him.
They both shook hands,
The long awaited day’s finally here.

At court everywhere was crowded,
It’s become an open secret that an anonymous person had filed a murder case against the Kingstons.
The press were present,
The medias and so many people who the Kingstons had trampled on one way or the other.
Everyone was present to see the downfall of the wicked and to equally know who this anonymous person is.

Diego and Adrian drove into the court premises,
Mr Munroe was already there but like expected he was there in façade as a MOLE.
No one recognized him,not even Mr Kingston.
“Is everything set?” Juan asked his attorney,
The man smiled,
For the past few days,
They’ve gathered evidence to prove their pretentious innocent in court.
They’ve covered most of their dirty tracks and had temporarily shut down the drug hole.

Moving into the court house,
Diego and Adrian acted like they’re just ordinary people.
The Kingstons had kept some men in check secretly,
Juan had wanted them to sit around and monitor the people around,
He’d been so eager to know who was behind the case and get rid of the person before the case began.
Mr Munroe was holding the whole evidence in a file bag,
He was going to the judges office when he noticed the two men following him.
He’d seen them when he first entered the court and hadn’t taking them serious,
But now seeing the same men behind him again,
He knew that something was up.

He might be older but not stupid,
“Hey you!” One of the men called him,
He wanted to outrun them but unfortunately the men had swifter legs and they caught up with him,
Seeing the way he shivered,
In no time the two men bundled him up and carried him through the back door to their van,
“Boss we’ve got someone who might be of great importance to you.” One of the men called their boss.
But unknown to those men,
A woman in scarf had seen them take out the old man,
They hadn’t notice the file fall from the man’s grip,
So the woman had picked up the file,
Seeing what’s in it.
She understood that those men were trying to close the case by force.

To be continued.

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