July 21, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 53

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 53


(The beautiful me)

“I said it ,you never loved me. Why then are you pretending?” I asked and pretended like I want to start crying.

“Huh! I loved you Emma , this girl came to seduce me.” He said.

“No! You know what? I’m just going to leave the two of you. Don’t bother calling me again.” I said like someone in pain and took few steps away when he suddenly said;

“If I never loved you ,why would I buy a car for you? Why would I trust you with my money? …I love you ,please don’t go.” He pleaded.

“Tell that girl standing there that you never loved her?” I said.

“Oh! This ugly thing! ” He said and faced my sister.

“You ugly poor thing. ” He said and looked to my face.

“You haven’t said what I tell you to say ,tell her you never loved her.” I said and he looked at my sister again.

He lowered his head to my surprise and his face turned sour.

“I can’t say that.” He said to me and I allowed fake tears pour from my face.

“You see!” I walked out angrily and smirked to myself on getting out.

Seems he really loves the ugly me.

“Good!” I said and went to sleep.


Very early the following morning ,I carried my luggage and walked out ready to go home.

I met the boss’s brother at the entrance and he smiled on seeing me carrying my luggage.

“The proud peacock is going. Never come back.” He said and I ignored him and walked away.

On getting home , I cleaned the designed disguise make kits on my face and put a call across to my sister.

“Hey ,Rachael…you left me here!” She yelled.

“Calm down sister. Come back home so I can go back as the ugly me.” I said.

“Huh? How do I do that ? Do I just barge out of the house and you think they wouldn’t talk.”

“They do not have to know , just find a way of getting out of that place before you mess the whole plan off.” I said and I didn’t hear her say any more word again.

I scoff and hung up.

About an hour later ,my sister entered the house and sank to the chair.

“What’s up sister?”

“That was close! ”

“What do you mean ‘that was close!”

“The boss’s twin kept asking me questions that I know nothing about. Well ,I just stood and ran away from him and he start to pursue me. I took the nearest cab and tell the driver to drive faster to this place,got no idea if he will trace me here or not.” She said.

“What kind of a reckless act is that sister? You aren’t suppose to leave that way! D@mn it!”

“Well ,I had left anyways. ” My sister said and exhaled.

The door opened all of a sudden and the boss’s twin came into view.

Jeez! What sort of casting is this. My sister still have the make up kit that looked like mine on her face while I now have my real face too.


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