July 24, 2021

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Two Months Marriage With A Beast. Episode 56

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Two Months Marriage With A Beast.

Episode 56

^ Loveth ^

The beast and I lay on the bed.

“Don’t mind John! ” The beast said and I nodded.

“I thought he had given up but he seems to have not. I can’t believe he’s still at America after a year, what’s wrong with that guy?” The beast added.

I rested my head on the chest of the beast while looking into his green beautiful eye balls, I said: “Thanks for trusting me.”

“Oh! Why Shouldn’t I trust you. Any relationship or marriage without trust will crumble easily.” I said.


John’s POV

D@mn it! The stupid guy trust his wife. He trust her to the extent of not bothering to opt for a D.N.A text.

Am I really going to be the loser here? Oh! That’s not going to happen when I’m alive.

What will then be my gain for being in America for almost a year.

I have many abandoned project in Australia that I had forfeited just because I had vowed to go back to Australia with Loveth.

Oh ! Yes.

I don’t care how long it takes to get Loveth , I won’t stop until I get her.


Loveth’s POV

The beast and I were awoken by a repeated sound of the visitor’s bell.

I noticed that the beast was still sleeping so I stood gently from the bed. I tip toed out cause I do not want to disturb him.

I went to the gate and peeped only for me to see a man in black suit.

Who could this be?

I felt like going to wake the beast but I felt like I could handle it alone so I twisted the knob.

On opening it , The man in suit came into full view.

“Good morning ,Mrs. Loveth?” The man greeted with a weary smile.

“Good morning.”

He opened the box in his right hand and handed over a file to me.

“I’m a lawyer to Mr. John ,you and your husband have being sued to court . The date we are meeting is there. See you then ” He turned and walked to his car.

I opened the file and read,I closed the door and ran to wake the beast.

I showed him the letter and he exhaled heavily.

“John is not ready to give up…but don’t worry , We will win.” The beast said and I nodded.

I’m really disturbed right now cause I know John is very Conny ,he may have devised some ways to prove that the child is not for the beast.


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