July 25, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 53

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munay berry ????

Episode 53

Miguel POV

It was another beautiful morning again.

Stretched out of my bed.

Just then events of last night came flashing.

I burst into laughter, had massive fun for me and sawyer.
I pity all the people we made a fool out off.

Ain’t going to school today cause today is a special day for sawyer, its her 18th birthday

Am planning a special surprise birthday party after school.

Now am going shopping for the her ???? presents

I wanna act like ion know about her birthday.
Went to shower then put on nice clothes.
I called her, she picked at the second ring
????hey babe”I cooed
????good morning handsome “she said and giggled from the other end.
????how was your  night dear, hope slept like a baby ” I said walking to the balcony

????yeah!  Sure thing I did what about you “she replied

????likewise baby was dreaming about you tho”

???? Miguel?

????huh! Tell me babe
????do You know whose day is today?  She asked.

???? no I dont tell me is there anything going on today” I asked feigning ignorance.

????no nothing dont worry ” she said and hang up.

I know she is sad ion remember her birthday but at the same time ion wanna ruin her perfect surprise.

Time went by quickly and sawyer didn’t call me.

Am at the roof top of our school building, that’s where the party is gonna hold I sent a secret invitation msg to all Beverly hills highschool student excluding sawyer.

Everything is set the students are here already music is being played. It was time to bring sawyer.

I took a cab to her house I met her cuddling her big teddy bear, such a drama queen.

“Sawyer get dressed and come with me quickly “I said tapping her gently.

“Why?  Where are we going to “she asked

“Trust me you gonna love it.

Okay,, “” she got dressed and we took a cab towards school.
I blindfolded her the moment we got the school premises.

“Miguel why the suspense huh?  Hope you not planning to kidnap me huh ” she whined but I paid less attention.
I call the DJ silently to stop the music till I bring the celebrant.

“Calm down baby just have faith in me” I said assuring her.

We got the roof top when I was sure everything was in order I asked to open her eyes which she did.

Sawyer’s POV

we got to god knows where and he asked me to open my eyes which I did immediately I gasps upon seeing this beautiful surprise.

“surprise!!!  Everyone chorus.
I felt special as my tears came out freely.
I turn to Miguel who was smiling, I can’t believe he remembered my birthday.
“Miguel you.. Did.. This??
“Yeah baby love, happy birthday my love,
This is my beautiful surprise for you hope you like it ” he said with a grin

“No I don’t like it I love it I said and jump and him crashing my lips on his,

“Time to check out your presents he said breaking the kiss
I giggled happily.

He bought so many presents.
Was still checking them all when suddenly the lights went off remaining just the light from the projector.

It was a picture of someone that looks like me and guy having hot s*x,

I covered my eyes with my palm, that’s not possible, I don’t even know them.

I turned to look at Miguel who stood there looking  at me with an expressionless face.

Miguel that’s not me, there must be some error some where” I said but he didn’t say anything he just stood still looking at me everyone was murmuring at pointing fingers at me,
I saw ruby who was grinning at me from the back but no one saw her.

I ran off to god knows where
The shame was too much for me.
I know ruby is behind this set up but ion have any prove.

I cried uncontrollably.

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