August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 54

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munay berry ????

Episode 54

Miguel POV

I stood still staring into space ion know what to believe anymore

I felt a pain in my heart when I saw those pictures.

When sawyer ran out I wanted badly to ran after her but I couldn’t do it.

Peeps keep murmuring to them self had to send them away.
“Alright people party is over, get moving I said
They all left one after the other sadly.

I smashed everything angrily ????. Immediately I got to the street it started raining heavily.

Where the hell did I go wrong in my previous life??

Is it a crime to love someone??
Even at the point of anger I still miss here, I can’t imagine my self not loving her.
She is my painkiller, deep down I pray this ain’t true.

I walked into the rain to my house, haven’t gone far when I saw sawyer seating in the rain crying.. Just close to my gate

I felt hurt seeing her like that.

I wanted to drag her up and cuddle her telling her its gonna be okay but I just can’t I need to be sure she didn’t do it.

I walked pass her and entered my house.

Sawyer’s POV

I was walking away from them everything when it started raining heavily.

But ain’t bothered I just wanna cry my eyes out.

I got to Miguel’s house I slumped close to his gate and let my tears flow freely.

I buried my face in my hands

Just then I had footsteps I wanted badly to look but I just couldn’t instead I stayed that way and continue crying but the people didn’t stop

instead he walked pass me and entered the house
That was when it dawn on me that it was Miguel, I guess he still think I did it.

I love you Miguel  swears I wont do anything to hurt your feeling I said to myself.

I stood inside the the rain till I caught a cold but I didn’t go back inside

I just sat down on the floor with my wet clothes crying my eyes out.

My body became stiff when someone hugged me from behind.

I need no one to tell me who that is.

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