August 3, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 55

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munay berry ????

Episode 55

Miguel POV

Dammit!  What was I thinking,

I rushed outside and hugged her from behind I felt my tears threatening to fall.

She was shock to see me,

“Miguel?  She stammer

“Shh baby let’s go inside you gonna catch cold.

“She nodded as she was shivering.

I can’t believe I let her stay in the rain.

I took her inside to my room afterwards.

I prepared hot tea for her.

“Miguel am sorry I didn’t do it, they trying to frame me, its a set up “she rushed her words.

“Calm down its okay baby,, am sorry I overreacted. “I said.

I went to my closet and brought out one of my button shirts for her since her own is soaking wet.

“Here change into this  “I said pointing towards the bathroom

She nodded and went to the bathroom.

I sat down working on something on my PC for while.

She came out in my shirt which stopped just above her thigh a little.

She was braless, her n***ples were pointed out..
I couldn’t help but marvel over her well curved body

Our eyes met for a brief moment, before she looked away shyly.

I stood up and walked towards her.

I stood close to her with our face inch apart

“Baby am sorry for judging you quickly, am really sorry for letting anger cloud my judgment, you I won’t stop loving you no matter what ” I said

“am sorry too, I shouldn’t have run off like that ” she said still not looking at me.

“Look at me sawyer ” I whisper into her ears biting her earlobes tenderly.
Which her body responded to.

“Am shy ???? ” she muttered.

I without a second thought I crashed my lips on hers hungrily.
Kissing her gently, nibbled on her lower lip. I bit it on several interval.
I lifted her as she rapped her legs around my torso not breaking the kiss.

I dropped her on the bed still kissing her I touched her b***bs as she moaned softly into my mouth, I left her lips for her neck I gave her plenty of hickeys.
Trailing kisses to her cleavage.
I brought out her b***bs and suck on those cute n***ples of hers she moaned out in pleasure.
I didn’t fail to give equal justice to both b***bs, she was dripping wet ????, I felt my d**k responding to her sweet body.
I brought my hands to her thighs down to her pussy.. Jeez she isn’t wearing panties.. I rubbed her well shaved p***y with my finger as she moaned sweetly.
I inserted a finger damn she was tight, I guess she is still a virgin that proves the pictures were false.
She moaned out loud… I finger f**k her with one finger then later changed to two fingers she closed her eyes as she reached climax.
I might be horny but am not gonna have s*x with her till she is ready.

I stood up and wanted going to the bathroom when she hold me making me stop.
“Please do it am ready” she said

Sawyer’s POV

“Please do it am ready ” I said shyly
I was so turned on and I know he is too.

My body is hot I really wants him to make love to me

“No sawyer you not ready ” he tried to reason but I draw him back.

“Please do it I plead

I had to land my lips on his and started kissing him again but he stopped the kiss.
“Sorry sawyer but you ain’t ready yet I want it to be a special moment when the time comes. ” he said

“But Miguel you hard already how can I be of help?

He grinned before answering “blow job” he said.

“Haven’t done it before but after seen movies where its done I can try my best” said and went for his shorts which I dragged down revealing a massive c****k

Holy crap!!  He is huge I gulp down saliva.
I took his c***k in my hands and shove it into my mouth.
I might not be good at it but I could tell he was enjoying every bit of it as he moaned and moved his head back abit

He grabbed hold of my hair urging me to continue.. Groaned with his eyes close as he reached climax and cummed into my mouth.
He was trying to catch his breath.

Soon his breath steady he took me in bridal style to the bathroom and wash me up and himself.
And tugged me into bed.

We cuddled all night..

Not such a bad birthday afterall

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