July 29, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 54

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 54


He looked to the face of my sister and I. He looked again and then again.

He took two steps back like someone in fear. He closed his eye and opened it.

He touched his chest and breathed out heavily. He looked to the door at the entrance and opened it then looked at us.

“Rachael!” He called.

“Yes!” My sister and I answered at the same time.

He furrowed his brow in fear and took two more steps back. This time ,he’s now standing right at the entrance.

“Are you….” He swallowed. “…Twins?”

“Identical twins.” I said and my sister nodded.

He then nodded slowly and walked slowly to us.

“I thought something spiritual is happening here. So ,you are a twin?” He asked.

“Yes ,but we need some privacy right now. ” I said.

“Which of you….like who ran away when we were conversing ” He asked and I pointed at my sister.

“She!” My sister pointed at me and his face dropped.

“And both of you are even putting on same cloth ….Is this how you dress?” He asked and I nodded.

“Anyways , Rachael …I’ll call you.” He said to the two of us hoping that whoever is Rachael among us had heard.

He walked out and kept looking back in shock.

“I need to go back immediately to the boss.” I said.

“Why? “My sister asked.

“The boss said my presence makes him happy so I want to have some fun with him. ”

“Fine ,then. I’m glad I’m off this saga” my sister exhaled and stood while pulling off her top as she walked to her room.

I showered and went to the boss’s house.


“Rachael?” The boss’s twin mentioned my name to be sure and I nodded.

“I never knew you were twin. That aside. You did not have to run away from me. ”

“I’m sorry about that. Is the boss getting better?”

“Yes ,he is. Let’s check up on him together. ” We both walked to the boss’s room.

On opening the door to his room , we met him jugging on a spot .

“Seems he’s healed.” I whispered to his brother cause all this while ,he hasn’t noticed our presence.

“Yes ,he is. He will be resuming work soon.” The boss’s twin said.

He finally noticed our presence and walked to us.

“I’m fine brother. “The boss said to his brother with a broad smile on his face.

“I’m glad. ”

I watched the two brothers and decided to excuse them.

I had barely taken a step out when a hand held me by my wrist.

I turned and surprisingly , it was the boss holding my hand.

I rubbed my face and wondered if I was dreaming or something?

I peeked to his hand on my wrist and felt so happy from the depth of my heart.

This is someone that treats me like trash holding me passionately this way.

“Resume work.” He said softly.

His brother came to looked to my face and said. “I can be paying you twice of the money the boss will be paying you at work. All you have to do is to just be my personal assistant. ” The boss’s twin offered.

I smiled and looked to the face of the two brothers.

They were both watching me , anticipating for whose offer I will accept.

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