July 25, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 42 And 43

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 42
Sofia’s POV
I went to my room and dropped my scarf before meeting mum downstairs.
‘I want to go out,’ I said fighting the tears.
‘Where are you going?’
‘To see my boyfriend,’ I spilled it out before covering my mouth.
This is the reason I hate being angry.
She walked to where I was and hugged me. I watched her shocked.
‘At least my daughter has done something good. Invite him over for dinner, your dad and I would want to meet him,’ she said still smiling.
‘Okay mum,’
‘Be careful, I will wait until you complete your studies before I ask for a grandchild,’ she said and I ran out.
My mom can be a psycho at times and right now she is. I ran out of the compound before she changes her mind and calls me back in. I gave the taxi man the address and relaxed on the chair. I got into his house and he was watching a movie. Actually I didn’t knock, I just burned in. He stood up and hugged me and I released the tears on his shirt. I cried as he patted my back gently until the tears dried.
‘What happened?’ he asked in a gentle voice.
‘She burnt it,’ I said those painful words as I remembered how it burnt in front of me.
‘Who and what?’
‘Lily, the picture,’
‘Is that why you are crying?’ he asked, I nodded and he chuckled.
‘What’s funny?’
‘She burnt the picture, not my hand,’ he said and I raised my brow.
‘Let’s go to my room and we draw another one,’ he suggested and I followed him.
I sat on the floor as he sat behind me with his hands around my waist. The drawing board was facing us as I took the pen.
‘Let’s draw us, how we are seated,’
‘I don’t know how?’
‘That’s why am here,’
‘Mum invites you for dinner tonight,’ I said because I was sure I will forget.

Episode 43
Harry’s POV
After we drew the picture I went to take a shower as she picked my cloth. She picked a casual wear and I was surprised.
‘I’m going to meet your parents and I need to impress them,’ I said and she laughed.
‘Impressing my mom is like trying to convince Lucifer to get saved. Just be yourself, she hates people who pretend. This was you and I loved your simple personality. She will like you,’ she said and I took the clothes back to the bathroom. I got out minutes later and she just stared at me.
‘Don’t drool am all yours. Shall we,’ I said and she blushed.
I feel nervous like I don’t know what to expect from them. All I know is that I will fight for there daughter and get her.
‘Should I take my car?’
‘No, we use a taxi and I can drive you here, if the dinner ends late,’ she said and smiled.
That smile that takes away my senses but rite now I need to concentrate. The ride was short and we got to her gate.
‘I love you so much, remember that,’ she said calmly before leading the way in. I breathed in to cool myself before trailing behind.
If she lives me then I need to fight and protect her at all cost. I will never leave you.
Sofia’s POV
I know he is nervous and am also nervous. My mom is undetectable. I walked in and she was setting the table while singing and shaking her body slowly.
‘Mum,’ I called and she looked up at me.
‘He is here,’ I said and she looked behind me at Harry with an expressionless face.

The Billionaire's Surrogate. Chapter 53
That Should Be Me. Episode 40 And 41

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