July 26, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 56

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by munay berry ????

Episode 56

Ruby POV

Wow am so pleased right now
I can’t believe my plan worked, I know Miguel is gonna break up with that clumsy fool for sure.

I sipped my whine and switch the Chanel to Netflix

My dad is gonna be in Beverly hills soon

Gush have missed him so much I can’t wait to see him tho.

Joe walked in later on.
“Hey sis what yah doing “he asked seating close to me

“Nothing just watching TV ” I said

“What’s up with your plans, did you show Miguel those edited pictures ” he asked

“Yeah bro you need to see the look of terror on Miguel’s face when he saw those pictures, I know by now he would have broken up with sawyer by now” i said with a grin.

“Just good sis I trust you on this one, I guess its time to come into sawyer’s heart. ” he said.

“Definitely bro, that reminds me, dad is coming back to Beverly hills, unfortunately he didn’t find mum in cansas ” I said sadly

“I wonder where she is now, I pray we find her soon” he said.

Miguel POV

Last night was in deed memorable

Jeez sawyer is so tempting, thank goodness I was able to control my self..
I looked at her sleeping figure, she looks cute with her slightly opened lips.

I stole a kiss from her before walking to the bathroom..

I took a quick shower and came out in shorts
And my hair dripping wet
I came out to meet sawyer fully awake.

She looked at me from my face down to my abs before looking away shyly.

I chuckled softly

“Like what you see? ” I asked seductively

She just smiled.

Come on go take your bath, in change into something comfortable ” I said to her.

Sawyer’s POV

I took a shower and came out to see neatly packed clothes on the bed.

I guess Miguel ordered them for me.

Can you imagine??  For crying out loud I live just one block away.

I took them and walked to the closet and changed into a white  floral dress.
With tiny gems on the edges.

I came out later and saw a tiny note on the bed Miguel must have dropped it

“Follow the red rose petals it will take you to your heart desire ” it read.

Wow how romantic

Truly there we’re rose petals on the hall way, I trailed it to the garden at the back of the house.

What I saw took my breath away



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