July 27, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 57

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munay berry ????

Episode 57

Miguel POV

Sawyer have through alot lately I planned on taking her on a actual date.

Just the two of us in a peaceful place then an idea struck me.

I call a special designer and had them decorate the whole garden at the early hours of the night without waking her up.

Two chairs and a round table was placed on an empty space in the garden.

Candles were used to decorate the table alongside beautiful flowers.

Two neatly placed plates were also set and two different dishes from “downtown brown”
Two whine glass and a bottle of johnny walker was also placed on the table

I quickly drop a note for her and the dress I ordered just for this special moment,

I hope she likes.

In know time sawyer trailed the petals to the garden where I was waiting..

She froze upon seeing the whole place.

I became tensed

Sawyer’s POV

Omg Omg did he really did this for me???
“Miguel ‘ I squeak and jumped on him.

“Do you like it ” he asked

“I love it baby I said happily.

“I felt since we haven’t been on a actual date  so I decided to set up one for us.
Will you be my date moi lady ” he said taking my palm and planted a kiss on it.

Yes of course

We sat down talked about random stuffs

Wow I can’t believe this Miguel is so sweet and romantic too

More reason I can’t love him less.

The date was superb

Have never been happy as this day.

“I love you sawyer ” he said  intwinging our hands

“I love you much more baby” I said.

He bent slightly across the table and stole a kiss.

I drew him back and started kissing him again..

The kiss was getting intense, we we’re interrupted by someone.

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