August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 58

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Episode 58

Miguel POV

Today Was  superb, I had to spend quality time with sawyer.

Mom and Cody had gone out for site seeing. Cody is starting to get along with mom.

Sawyer’s parents are out of town for some time  now.

We had fun till late at night sawyer had to return home.

“Thanks for coming into my life sawyer, if not for you I would have been a loner for the rest of my life ” I said locking eyes with hers

I bent slightly across the table and landed my lips on hers
As she deepen the kiss. Not until someone cleared their throat making us stop instantly.

The person turn out to be my mom.

“Get a room will you ‘she said jokingly as sawyer looked away shyly.

I groaned softly at mom
While she chuckles

“When did you guys come back??  I asked

“Well we came in a while ago but you were too busy kissing the life outta sawyer that you didn’t notice me ” she said with an eye roll

Sawyer looked all red as she couldn’t say anything.

“Common mom am in a middle of something, stop disrupting my peace ” I said teasingly

“Lol come to dinning room food is set,, oh I guys you guys must have had something ” she said looking at the plates in front of us.

“Yes mom as you can see, go away and stop disrupting my date” I growled.

She left afterwards before sawyer could calm down, I guess she is still not comfortable with my mum,

“So babe what’s your ambition I asked outta the blue” she smiled and chew on her lower lip before speaking up.

“I have always dreamed of being a surgeon ???? ” she said
While I cooed.

“Why do you wanna be a surgeon? “I asked.

Sawyer’s POV

“Why do you wanna be a surgeon? “He asked

“Well I want to save as many lives as possible, I want to be an inspiration to many children and adult.
I also wanna take care of the sick and less privileged ” I said as I earned a clap from Miguel I know he is impressed with me.

I promise am gonna make him proud by making good grade points.

“Wow sawyer am proud of you, I promise to support and stand by you always ” he said smooching my hands.


after the date at the garden we decided to go to the cinema to ease the boredom since am home alone

We arrived at the cinema moments later,

I decided to buy popcorn when I saw ruby and joe together.

What could be the relationship between the two of them..

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