June 19, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 59

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munay berry ????

Episode 59

Sawyer’s POV

I hope its not what am thinking.

It seems ruby saw me and whisper something to joe as he turned to my direction, they started walking towards me…

I wonder what they want this time..

“Hey sawyer ” joe greeted with a smirk..

‘”How are you enjoying your heart break ????  huh” ruby teased while I just stood still smiling.

“Cat gat your tongue huh”

“FYI rubby or whatever, you might think you broke me and Miguel but what you did actually got our relationship to a high level.
Aww Miguel is so hot in bed, I had the best presents ever.. Oh uh he just made me feel like a woman ” I said in a mocking tone just to get her pissed and it worked.

“Hey you lil bitch… She said as she wanted to hit me with her when someone caught it.

Miguel POV

Sawyer has been gone for too long

I thought it was just pop corn she wanted to get.

I better check up on her and saw ruby with joe exchanging words with sawyer.

Sawyer did the unbelievable by giving the the taste of the own medicine.

Ruby got furious and to slap sawyer but I held her hand and squeeze it as she groan in pain.

“How dare You raise your smelly hands to hit my woman, I thought I warned to stay away from her” I said in between clenched teeth.

Joe tryed to attack me but I was lucky enough to land a punch on his abdomen.

He groaned in pain.

I could see fear in ruby’s eyes so I had to push her off,

“This is just a warning the next is gonna be hotter than this ” I said holding sawyer by the waist.

“We will see about that fool, common sis let’s get outta here ” joe said as he spat out blood.

???? Huh!!  Sis?  How come.

I looked at their retrieving figure in surprise,

I saw the look of shock on sawyer’s face.

Sawyer’s POV.

Sis?  Did he just call her sis?
Somebody pinch me already.

So joe and rubby are actually siblings,,

Swears ion believe it at all.

How come they always act like total stranger in public.

I was still lost in my world when miguel shone me continuously snapping me outta it.

“, babe are you okay he asked with concern in his voice.

” I just nodded.

“Let’s go in then.

We took our pop corn and sat on our various seats as the movie had started but my mind wasn’t there at all.

How did Joe and rubby end up being siblings???

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