July 31, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 60

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munay berry ????

Episode 60

Miguel POV

So ruby and joe are actually siblings, little wonders they both behaves like devils sent to come in between me and sawyer.

I took a glance at sawyer, she looked lost

I guess she is still finding it hard to believe. I squeezed her hands in a tender way making her look at me with those innocent eyes of hers.

“Are You okay sawyer ” I asked with concern.

“Yeah totally”she replied.

“Are You sure, you look lost and you haven’t touched your pop corn ” I said with an eye roll while she chuckles

“Stop acting like a lady ” she said spanking my hands.

I wanted to tickle her but ion wanna draw attention to our selves

“Sawyer?  When is mum coming back huh”I asked.

“Ion know yet she never told me the last time we talk she just said in two weeks time” sawyer said

Alright let’s get going, I know you exhausted from all this already ” I said taking her hands as I lead her out of the  theater

Ruby POV

What the hell!!! How is this possible huh

How can they still be together after all have done.

Miguel had the gods to hurt me and my brother.
Am not giving up yet.
“Am so sorry joe”I said helping him nurse his wounds.

He didn’t respond he just stare into space, I no he is angry,

Miguel isn’t going Scott free for hurting us.

Am sorry brother I dragged you into this “I said as a tear drop ???? left my eye

“Don’t cry sis but just know he is gonna pay with his life for laying a finger on me” he groaned quietly.

Sawyer’s POV

We got home pretty late
Miguel insisted I give him a good night kiss before going to my house.

Which I later did, he can be very disturbing tho.

I got inside my room and slumped on my bed.

One of my best days is today,

But I kept thinking about ruby and joe before I drove to dream land

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