August 3, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 45

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????????????IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE????????????



The court session was about to begin but Adrian and Diego couldn’t find Mr Munroe anywhere.
They went into the court hall and then to the judge’s office but they couldn’t find him anywhere.
“Let’s call him.” Diego suggested,
He brought out his cellphone and dialled the man’s number but it was going through.

“The call’s ate being sent to voicemail.” He told Adrian who patiently waited for him to finish the call.
“Something’s not right.” Adrian said,
He looked around the premises,
It was now kinda scanty cause most people have entered the court room.
“We’ve to look for him before the judge summons us inside.” Diego said.

Both men split up and began to search for the man,
Adrian went North while Diego went South.
Adrian was still busy searching for the man he didn’t notice the woman in black scarf.
Slowly he bumped into her from behind,
Sorry Miss.” He helped the woman picked up the files that just fell from her grip.
Giving her the files back,he noticed the heading on a particular file.


He frowned,
Stylishly he checked most of the other files and found that that all the file the strange woman was holding was all the evidence they had against the Kingstons.
Immediately he dragged the files from the woman.

The lady was not strong,so it was easy for Adrian to take the files back from her,
“Give it back.”The woman said weakly,
” I need to go find the owner,
Those man had taken their partner.” She said weakly.
Adrian couldn’t hand back the files to her,
Rather he took her hands forcefully,
“Who are you and where’s Mr Munroe?” He asked harshly.

“Those men had taken the other man,
I need to go find the owner of these files.” She repeated,
Adrian understood her plight.
She was not among the bad people.
She’s just looking for the owners of the files which was him and Diego.
“Where did you see them?” He asked the woman,

He hadn’t seen her face cause she covered her face with a black heavy scarf,
But from his perceptive, he figured out she was an older woman.

“Outside the court,
They’d dragged him into their van but these files felt from his grip while they dragged him to the van.
I just want to get this files back to the right owner.” She said to him.
“He looked around to ensure that no one was watching them.
Slowly he pulled the woman aside,
Thanks a lot for getting me this file.
Actually I’d laid the case against the Kingstons but unfortunately I began looking for my partner just before the case was about to begin.
I suspected the Kingstons were behind it and I feared losing this evidence to them but with you bringing it back to me,
I’m so grateful.” He thanked the woman.

“What about the other man?” She asked the man innocently,
“Well,if they see that he’s with nothing,
They’re going to let him go and he’ll be safe and sound.” Adrian assured the woman.
“Miss who’re you?” Adrian asked the woman,
She coughed,
“I’m Elisa by name.”She replied him,
“Okay,ma’am.” Adrian helped the woman till they got outside the courtyard.
She pointed at the van to her.
“There’s the van.” She said to him.

Slowly Adrian walked to the van and opened the rear view door,
There was Mr Munroe,still tied from arms to leg and gagged in the mouth.

“Shoot.” He rushed into the van and helped the man out,
Untying the rope that was tried around him,
The man was free,
The evidence?
They’ve got the evidence…..” The man said trembling,
“You don’t have to worry Sir,
They don’t have it,we do still have the evidence.” He assured the man,

With the woman’s help,they helped the man up.
As they led him out of the van,
“The court session has just began and we need to be there fast before things get out of hand.” Adrian said,
They walked briskly and entered the courtyard.

“Mr Cabrera what do you have to say in defense of your client here?”The judge asked Mr Cabrera,
The man stood up immediately,
“Your honor,
All this charges against my client are all wrong.
The death of his older brother José Kingston was recorded an accident and was sure is.”
He brought out some files and showed one to the judge,

It was the police report from few years ago
Stating that the accident had been caused by a failing brake.
The Judge took the paper from the man and went through it,
He nodded.

“Your honor,
Mr Gary’s dead and its very possible that we all know that this said man was involved in a lot of drug dealing and if he was really murdered as the accused here,”
He pointed at Diego.
“Mr Larsen had stated,
It mustn’t have been the Kingston,
The man had many illegal dealings to his name and that was the main reason why his properties got confiscated by the…..”
“Wait!” A woman’s voice said and everyone turned,including Juan Kingston and his wife.

“I have all reasonable evidence to prove that Mr Kingston here murdered his brother.” The woman whose face was covered in black scarf said.
She removed the scarf to show her half scarred face,
Everyone who knew her would still recognized her cause even with the scar,she’s still looks almost the same.
“Lisa.” Juan and his wife said simultaneously in great shock.


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