July 30, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 44 And 45

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That Should Be Me. Episode 46 And 47
The Billionaire's Surrogate. Chapter 53

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 44
Sofia’s POV
I stood in front of Harry and stared at my mom. In case she wants to pour something on him she should do it on me.
‘It’s you who has been filling my daughters head with nonsense?’ she said and I felt tears threatening to fall.
Did she invite him for insults.
‘Mum,’ I called and the tears came out.
‘I guess you should leave my house. I have already seen your face,’ she said sternly.
‘I’m going with him,’ I said.
‘What did you say?’
‘I’m going with him, because you don’t want him,’ I said.
‘Okay don’t go, it seems it’s true she loves you. I just wanted to be sure. Now listen you man, if my daughter cries because of you am going to cut your balls,’ my mom said.
‘Mum,’ I said embarrassed.
‘Just keep quite. She fears fighting back and will just cry, so if she cries, I don’t give threats but facts,’ she said.
‘Okay mum, she won’t,’ Harry said.
‘Good. Both of you come and give me a hug,’ she said spreading her arms and I couldn’t believe it.
‘Sofia take him to your room, I will call you once am done. Harry I don’t want to be a grandma now, let her graduate,’ she said.
‘Sure,’ Harry said and I pulled her upstairs.
We entered the room and I sighed.
At lest she wasn’t hard on him.
‘You have a dramatic mom,’ Harry said.
‘I’m just happy she accepted you because if she wouldn’t have them my dad will never,’
‘My dad approves what my mom likes,’
‘Let’s forget about that and come,’ he said patting beside him.
I sat and rested my head on his shoulder.
‘So tell me why did Lily burn your photo? Is she jealous of you?’
‘She said the picture should have been hers because you asked her out first,’
‘Such a lame excuse, I just wanted to forget you but I guess you are an addiction,’
‘Will she burn this picture of us?’
‘I don’t know, but I will hide it,’
‘That’s my girl,’ he said as he removed the shoes.
‘Why do you remove them?’
‘I because I want to sleep on your bed and I don’t want to stress you by cleaning the sheets. In my house sometimes I sleep with them the in the morning someone comes to clean,’
He laid on the bed and pulled me with him.
‘We aren’t making kids, trust me it can’t be here,’ he said and I blushed.

Episode 45
Diana’s POV
‘I have found more information. Her name is Sofia Smith and she maybe seventeen almost eighteen,’ my mom said.
‘Mum and why didn’t they give you the wealth long ago?’
‘The lawyer has been looking for me for eleven years now but I was nowhere so he ran the businesses and now he has found me he is stepping down,’
‘I guess he is s good man,’
‘Where will we look for her?’
‘I don’t know, because I can’t even recognize her,’
‘Let me tell you something, to make you laugh. You know Mathew, our neighbor?’
‘He is in love with a thirteen year old girl yet the girl is an introvert,’
‘He is only fifteen does he understand what love is?’
‘I don’t think so, the problem is the girl doesn’t show any concern to him,’
‘I’m sorry for him. What is the name of the girl giving him pressure?’
‘Glenn Scott,’
‘The minister’s daughter?’
‘There mother is overprotective, you don’t mess with he’d daughters. She can get the hell out of you,’

‘You know her?’
‘Yeah, we do business together,’
‘Her eldest daughter is Sofia and she is dating Harry,’
‘The dukes son?’
‘I don’t think they know because he likes disguising himself,’
‘Are you I’m love with Harry?’
‘I have a boyfriend and I love him Harry is just a friend,’
‘That’s good, don’t cause trouble to him. You know why he does when angry?’
‘Don’t remind me,’
‘Back to business and stop gossiping.’
Sofia’s POV
I sat beside Harry on the dinning table. We were all present.
‘You are the dukes son?’ my dad asked and I was confused. He has never told me that.
‘That was why you looked familiar. How is he?’
‘Fine but currently in Europe,’
‘Okay, don’t hurt my daughter because I will call your dad,’ my dad said sternly.
I removed my hand from him angrily. Doesn’t he trust me to tell me everything about himself.
He tried to touch me but I pushed his hand away.
After dinner I carried the dishes to the kitchen before following him out to the garden.
‘Don’t be angry at me, please,’ he pleaded.
‘Don’t you trust me?’
‘I do,’
‘Why don’t you tell me who you are?’
‘I will tell you,’ he said and I smiled .

That Should Be Me. Episode 46 And 47
The Billionaire's Surrogate. Chapter 53

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