July 25, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 61

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munay berry ????

Episode 61

Sawyer’s POV

I woke up really happy the next morning.

We we’re gonna get summer break soon.

I dragged my fatique body to the bathroom had a shower not after brushing my teeth.

Me and Miguel had promised to talk his mom to the ‘trouble maker park’ today

I had to look my best.

Came out of the bathroom moments later with water droplets on my body.

I dried up my body before applying lotion,

I brought out a matching bra and pants.

And a White tank top and a black jean, black face cap and white Balenciaga to match.

I froze when I felt his hot breath on my skin from behind.

How did he get here.

Miguel POV

I after taking breakfast I went to check if sHe was ready to go.

I got to her doorstep I knocked but I got no response I decided to go in and check maybe she is still on bed.

I got in to her room without her noticing me, wow she looked hot in those pair of jean.
I got closer and encircled my arms around her tiny waist gently and whisper into her ears.

She shivers into my hands.
“You look amazing babe ” I said biting her earlobes tenderly

She couldn’t say anything as she shutters.
“Common… Let’s go.. My mom.. Erm I mean your mom and cody might be waiting for us. ” she said trying to divert my attention..

“Hmm tell me you don’t like huh” I said seductively as I trailed kisses on her neck earning a sweet moan from her.
Wanted her so badly, till mom decided to kill my spirit by calling me..

We all arrived at the trouble maker park’ excited .
Trouble maker park’ is one of the famous park in Beverly hills  known for its dangerous yet exciting  rides
Thats why its called trouble maker park’
All the most scary ride are here.

“I want cotton candy, “cody said pointing to the vendor.

“Hmm alright cody let’s all go and get cotton candy “mom said.

We all walked excitedly , I got cotton candy for everyone.

” Miguel check out that awesome ride” she said with a squeak.

I looked at the ride the people on it we’re screaming out loud some were vomiting.

Yuks!!!  Am never going on that scary beast called the juggler. ” I said with folded arms making mom and CO burst into uncontrollably laughter.

“Scaredy cat” sawyer said sticking out her tongue at me.

Am not scared am just saying my mind.

We we’re still looking for perfect ride.

When someone called my mom making me froze,

“Mom?? ” the person called my mom

I turned to see who it was.

I was shocked to the bone.

“Mom is that you?? “She called out again.

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