June 13, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 62

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munay berry ????

Episode 62

“Mum is that you ” the person called again

We all turned to see who it,, Ruby!!!!

Did rubby just called my mum her mum??
“Danielle is that you” my mum said as ruby ran to hug her.

“What the heck is going on here!! And who the hell is daniel I yelled making sawyer flinch.

“Son calm down, I can explain” she said in a sob.

Sawyer was lost in all this drama.

Joe outta no where ran into mum arms in a hug, this is getting serious, I just hope its not what am thinking.

“Mum!!” Joe said as tears threatening to fall

“My baby Daniel have missed you so much “mum said still hugging the both of them.

“You haven’t answered my question mom,  how did you get to know ruby and joe and why do you keep calling them Daniel and Danielle ” I said in between clenched teeth

“Calm down Miguel, this is Daniel and Danielle my twin babies, they are your siblings dear, ” I promise to explain everything to you” she sobbed.

Unbelievable!?  How can ruby and joe be my siblings..
No I refuse to believe this.

Sawyer was dumb struck as she widened her eyes in shook

Ruby and joe we’re no exception.
Ruby kept looking at me in a sad way.
Joe had an expressionless face.

“Mum just tell me this is a terrible joke, how can this people be my siblings , never mum!!  I refuse to believe ruby is my sister ” I yelled with blood shed eyes and walked out.

Sawyer ran after me calling on me but I didn’t stop..

“Miguel please wait” she said after me but I didn’t stop.

“Go away sawyer “I yelled

“My love, my addiction, heartrobb please just stop” she said.

I stopped walking but still maintained my angry face.

She ran and hugged me from behind, I calmed down instantly.

Her touch alone is enough to make me smile.

“I love you Miguel, don’t shut me out baby ” she muttered.

I sprung her around and hugged her tightly.

“Am sorry love I didn’t mean to yell at you like that ” I said patting her hair.

“Its okay please lets just go back and hear what your mum has to say. “She said into my chest.

Ruby POV

Is this a dream or what?? ????????????????
How can I be a sibling to the man I love??

God why ❓ I love Miguel so much, I might end up killing myself if I don’t have him.
No I won’t accept this, I must make him mine.
Ion care if he is my brother,

All I want is Miguel nothing much
.. I called dad and informed him that mum is in Beverly hills , he should be here as soon as possible.

I cried my eyes out.
The truth was too much for me to take in.
We later followed mum from the park to the house, sawyer was clinging onto Miguel like a pest.

I was a bit jealous but I tried not to show it. Swears I hate that girl.

I know she thinks everything is over but no its not, I would stop at nothing to get what I want.

Sawyer’s POV

I followed Miguel althrough cause I know he can be sentimental sometimes

I seriously believe ruby and joe are twins not to talk being siblings with Miguel

I took a glance at ruby, she glared at me

Like am the cause of misfortune before looking away.

Joe has not said a word. I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid tho.

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