July 28, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 63

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munay berry ????

Episode 63

Miguel  POV

I stood at the balcony with my jaw thinned with frustration

And my hands shovel deep into my pocket.

Events of came flooding back,

Mum had explain how  her ex husband use to maltreat her, simply because he was rich he molested her so much.

Ruby and joe were just 11 when she left them and ran away.

All this years she has been through alot because her love for money.

She went into hiding till she was able to stand for self.

I felt sorry for her though.
Now I have to put all odds aside and accept ruby and joe into my family.

I just pray nothing goes wrong.

Whatever am doing today is just for mum sake nothing else.

I looked towards sawyer’s house I wonder how she is doing tho,  I better give her a call.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number
She picked up almost immediately

????hey lover I was about to call ” her sweet voice sounded from the other end

????hmmm didn’t know you missing me tho”I said

????ptweew whatever, stop feeling your self” she teased

????really!!  Okay what are you doing right now ” I asked

????nothing much watching Netflix, what about you babe” she said

????am standing at the balcony watching over your house????????????????

????weasel stop looking at my apartment  ain’t gonna come out ” she said

????you wish!!  Just admit you want me to come over and kiss you all over” I teased her

She hanged up with out saying anything, I know she is ???? shy

Sawyer’s POV

Such a naughty boy, I laughed at nothing in particular.

Yeah he is right I really want him.

Almost immediately a knock came on my door I wonder who is that.

I stood up and walked to the door and opened it revealing hot sexy Miguel wit his a hair still dripping wet ???? ????

Wow ???? isn’t God so wonder

“Baby ” he whispers
I opened the door widely for him to enter.
I locked the door afterwards.

“Have missed your lips baby” he said in a husky voice.

He pulled me close to him and crashed his lips on my mine as our tongues move in synthetic.
I grabbed hold of his collar tightly and encircled my legs on his torso..

He took me to the chair and dropped me on it. Not breaking the kiss.

I deepens the kiss as I fondled with his hair,,
He nibbled on my bottom lip while his hands explore my body making me moan softly.
I felt his erection on my body, I felt my honey pot dripping wet.

He trailed kisses on my neck to my earlobes, as he pulled my top over.  I shutter to his touch.

Am so turned on right now.
I removed his shirt revealing his gorgeous abs any girl would kill to see this.

“Let’s go upstairs “he whisper into my ears as he carried me in bridal style to my room..

He dropped me on the bed without breaking eye contact.
He trailed kisses to my belly button,
And squeeze my b***b earning  a moan from me.

I grabbed hold of his belt and pulled them off.
Wanted to pull down his trouser when he stopped me again.

“Are you sure you ready. “He asked

“Yes baby please just do it am ready ” I murmured with my eyes shut tightly.

He pulled down my shirt revealing just my pants I felt shy and nervous too but I didn’t show it.
He held both sides of my pants before pulling it down tenderly.

He dragged down is boxers before coming on top me..

He fingered me for while making sure I was wet enough before he inserted his d***k with one push he thrust into me.

I held into him as I felt so much pain,
I felt tears drop outta my eyes.

My fingers pierced into his beautiful skin.

He stopped thrusting when he noticed my test.

“Baby are you okay?  Should I stop he asked with concern as he used his thumb to wipe em away.

No don’t stop am okay ” I murmur

He kept thrusting into me in a tender way, I felt much pleasure than pain afterwards.till we both reached climax.

“I love you so much sawyer ” he said as he kissed my forehead.

I couldn’t say a thing as I was very weak.

I closed my eyes and slept.
He used the duvet to cover me after cleaning me up properly.

I felt pains everywhere.

But I won’t deny I loved it.

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