July 26, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 64

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munay berry ????

Episode 64

Miguel POV

I cleaned her up and made her lay properly before coving her with the duvet.

She was sobbing from her sleep.
It made my heart melt.
Sawyer my love don’t cry okay??
I love you so much sawyer brown, I always do. Wanna spend the rest of my life with you.

Don’t think am gonna stop loving you after having sex with you, instead it made my love for you grow stronger.

I cherish you baby girl I whispers into her ears as she sleep.

We ended up cuddling all day long.
She is my forever.

Sawyer’s POV

I heard all what he had said and I felt glad, even though my legs feels like jelly.

I stood up and walked gently to the bathroom as I felt pains everywhere even in my vargina.

I sat in the jacuzzi and relaxed into it as the days event came flashing in my memory, I won’t lie I enjoyed every bit of it, making me want more.
I love the way he touch me. Just thinking of it made me horny.

“What are thinking of babe ” Miguel said jerking me outta my  thoughts

Jeez he look so hot with just his shorts.
I my chicks heat up again.

” you want more???  He said in a flirty tune. I just rolled my eyes

He pulled his shorts and joined me in the tub.
He brought me close and crashed his lips on mine tenderly, we kissed passionately
And romance in the bathroom ????????????

You know what happened next
Sex in the bathroom ????????????

Joe /daniel POV

Mum asked me to make peace with sawyer and Miguel, I should let go of all the hate.

But no I won’t, I must have my revenge.

I have everything planned out he won’t know what hit him.

Damn you Miguel!!!  I hate you so much, feel like strangling that fool for taking sawyer away from me.

I don’t care if we we’re born of the same mom ion fucking care!!!  I punched the tv in my room causing it to break as my knuckles started bleeding.

Ruby ran into my room with the look of hurt, I know she hates it when am sad.

” ruby you have to help me on this one ” I said with pleading eyes as she nurse my wound for me..

Watch out for me bro!!!

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