July 31, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 65

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munay berry ????

Episode 65

Miguel POV

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.

Right now we both on our way to school holding hands as usual while passerby keep looking at us.

Sawyer is really crazy can you believe she made me  wear a t shirt that says “I like her butt????” while she wears another one that says ” I like his abs????”

How crazy can this girlfriend of mine get.

We walked into class still holding hands as the whole class envy us

I sat side by side with sawyer I looked around the class to my surprise joe and ruby were absent not that I care tho.

Later on joe walked in the class with a bad boy looks.
He got him self a tattoo on his fingers and arm too.
He also dyed his black hair to blue.
He looked different this is not the joe I know.

All this while sawyer kept looking at him with an expressionless face

Their eyes met for a brief second before he looked away.
He glared at me before taking his seat

I wonder what’s up with him

Sawyer’s POV

Is this really joe, why all bad boy looks,
He looked like a maffian, what happened to the gentle and preserved joe.

I was speechless and worried at the same time even when the teacher was in class I wasn’t paying attention,

I feel weird like something is about to go wrong but I can’t place it.
Was snapped outta my thoughts by Miguel with the look of worry on his face.

“Sawyer what’s wrong you look restless ” he asked placing his palm on my chin.

“Nothing dear just having this strange feeling like something is about to happen ” I said still worried.

“Don’t worry baby am here for you, nothing is gonna happen ” he assured but I was still restless.

School was over for the day it was time to go back home but there wasn’t any cab so me and Miguel decided to trekk

He just halfway home when I twisted my ankle and fell down,
Miguel wanted helping me up when a get away car speed towards our direction,.

He pushed me outta the way and got knocked down. By the car.
He didn’t stop as he speed pass.

“Miguel!!!!!  I screamed and ran to him.

There laid lifelessly on the floor with blood coming outta his head and nostrils.

“No!!!!  Miguel!!!  Please stay with please don’t this,, somebody help!!!!!!  I screamed out loud as I held him close while sobbing..

A good Samaritan later stopped his car and took him to hospital
On reaching the hospital he was rushed to the theater immediately
I slumped to the floor and cried my lungs out.

That should have been me.

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