June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 127

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He And Her V.

Episode 127


I arrived home and walked angrily to Grace’s room. I noticed it was locked.

“Grace!” I shouted angrily but got no response.

“Grace!” I shouted again and banged the door.

“What’s the matter?” I heard her voice behind me.

With anger mixed with pain ,I turned and looked into her evil eyes and felt like smashing her.

“You!” I pointed at her with tears rapidly forming on my eyes.

She kept looking at my face.

“You killed him again!” I said and bite my lips as I lowered my hand and looked to the left.

“I do not understand what you are talking about!” She said.

“You!” I shouted.
I chuckled painfully and wish I could just pound on her and beat the hell out of her.

“You pretending like you didn’t know what you did, right?” I asked and she maintained an expressionless face.

“You …killed the doctor. You didn’t stop at that ,you killed my childhood friend too.” I said softly. “why are you this evil? Why are you killing innocent people?” I shouted

“You’ve got a proof that I killed anyone?” She asked and I chuckled painfully once more.

“Karma would come for you ,woman. ” I said and turned from her.

I turned to her again and said; “You will regret every single thing you have done. You … Will regret it.”

I walked away.

Grace’s POV

I walked to my room and sat.
Hum! This is getting interesting ,I hope he gives up soon.

I’m pretty sure he would stop making move to authenticate the fact that he’s the father of my daughter.

I think I’m winning in that area…I can now focus on Camilla.

That lady’s stomach kept growing as days passes and …

Gosh ! I know I made a silly mistake by not being too smart. Didn’t even know when they made that very love that lead to her pregnancy.

I need to get her pregnancy dissolve once and for all. I even gave her some pills to use yet the pregnancy was never affected.

I smirked. I can’t be in this house and watch Camilla give birth.

Oh no! Never.

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