July 28, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 56

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Never Knew She's Beautiful. Episode 57
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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 56


“I do not love you, sir.” I said and walked away.

I walked to the balcony outside the building and sat.

Hum! He even cried and I saw genuinty in his face. He really loved me.

He would have taken care of me ,make me rich , spend on me , take me to beautiful places …if only, I actually tell him YES.

But why would I lie? Why do I have to deceive him that I love him when in reality ,I never liked him.

I know what my heart really likes. Even the boss , I liked him ,liked to stay around him…maybe Love him but not ready to go into any relationship with anyone now.

The boss can verbally assault ,yes.
He can frustrate one , yes.

But…I do not even know why I just find happiness staying around the boss.

Yeah,I still prefer the boss to his twin. Not because he has any special gentle man characteristics but because …I don’t even know, I just like him.

“Hey you! Why are you sitting there alone.” I heard a shout from a distance and I darted my face around for whom it could be.

The distance of the voice did not afford me the ability to quickly discern whose voice it is ,but I know it’s that of a male.

About a minute later ,the person came into view. It was the boss.

“You! Won’t you start getting prepared for the work you resuming tomorrow or you want to resume work by coming late to work?” He asked.

“You know what!”


“You are an arrogant wealthy kid.” I insulted him and he grinned.

“You know what?” He asked too

I hesitated before answering. “What?”

“You are a useless poor nonentity always trying to hook up with rich men cause you are a godd@mn slut!”

Ouch! That kind of hurt.

I jumped from the balcony that I sat and walked to him.

I stood face to face with him and said; “Thanks. ”

I walked away painfully. Her words don’t usually hurt me but that very one did.

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