August 4, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 46 And 47

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 46
Three years later
Sofia’s POV
‘How was your visit at the hospital?’ Harry asked kissing me.
‘My DNA matched with that of the strands of hair found at the scene,’
‘That means you are the same person?’
‘They think so,’
‘Don’t you remember anything?’
‘I don’t, mum said I lost my memory. I don’t know how,’
‘Maybe ask her, because if the hair strands match then it means you are not her daughter. It also means you are related to that woman and her stories are true,’
‘I called mum and do you know she told me everything will be fine,’
‘It’s….,’ he wanted to talk but the form interrupted him.
It was Glenn calling.
????Hi, sister.
????Hi, Lily ran away from the cells.
????You heard me right.
With that she hang up.
This is just complicated. Lily was arrested for attempted murder. She tried to kill me to get Harry but I was saved and she was arrested. She promised to come back and complete what she started and am confused. I left home and staying with Harry in his house.
‘What is it?’
‘Lily ran away from the cells,’
‘Leave and go stay with my parents,’
‘I can’t do that, that woman may think mum is behind it and cause problems. I’m also not a coward and I won’t run away from my problems,’ I said as I ran to the washroom to throw up. Harry followed immediately.
‘You didn’t tell the doctor you aren’t okay?’
‘I was fine at the hospital and forgot,’
‘Are you kidding me, sick for a whole week and you forgot. This is your health and it’s more important than anything else,’
I washed my face and looked at him. I feel sick but the sick people in the hospital changed my mind. I could walk so I went home. He is just so worried.
‘We are going to the hospital,’ he said and carried me outside. I tried to fight to get down but I couldn’t, I’m just a weakling.’
He dropped me on the sit and went to start the car. He carried me out and went inside the hospital.
‘Doctor she’s sick,’ he said referring to me.

Episode 47
Harry’s POV
I don’t queue so I just carried her to the doctors office.
‘How are you feeling?’ he asked her but she wasn’t replying.
‘She has been throwing up and having headaches. Actually my house is stinking with the pukes,’ I said with a smirk.
I want to irritate her and she will speak.
‘It’s just headaches, tiredness and about the puking, he changed his scent and it irritates me,’ she said.
‘I don’t change anything,’ I defended.
‘Are you pregnant?’ the doctor asked.
‘No, Doctor am not,’ she said.
‘You stay together?’ he asked and she nodded.
‘Then there is a possibility you are pregnant. Let me just test to confirm,’ the doctor said. We waited for a few minutes and the results were out showing positive. Saying am happy is an understatement.
I tried to carry her out but she refused. She is angry of what I said.
‘Ain’t going with you anywhere,’ she said and continued sitting.
‘I’m sorry, we can sort this out at home. The doctor needs to check other patients. Please,’ I pleaded but she wasn’t moving.
It’s time I use force.
I carried her to the car even though she was hitting me.
I drove to the house but she refused to get down.
‘You aren’t going to sleep here, let’s go in,’
‘I’m making your house stink. Ain’t going anywhere,’ she said and I couldn’t help but chuckle.
She is mad because of that.
‘I’m sorry okay, let’s go in,’ I pleaded but no she had made up her mind and wasn’t changing soon. I carried her to the house and locked the door.
She sat down and started crying. Can someone help me from this mess? I was just joking and she took it personal.
‘Baby, please. I will never repeat it again, I promise,’ I said but she gave me a puppy face. I touched her and she accepted so I just hug her maybe she will come down.

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