July 27, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 66

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 66

Sawyer’s POV

This as to be a dream!!!  Miguel please be fine for my sake.

The doctors have been running around but no one said a thing.
I called his mom in no time she came rushing into the hospital that someone who has gone mad.

” where is son!  What happened to Miguel please somebody say something” she yelled at the receptionist.

“Sawyer what happened to Miguel ” she said
I sniff before narrating how everything happened, it was a get away van

I had to go and calm her down.
“Mum please calm down its not good for your health” I said trying to make her calm down.

“Don’t tell me to calm down when my son is lying in the helpless ” she yelled out tears.
I felt her pain. I wanted to break down and cry again but I couldn’t not in front of her.
Finally the doctor came after so many hours.
I rushed him with questions

“Calm down Are you families to mr Miguel Perez?  He asked.

“Yes!!  Me and mum chorus

“Very well then come with me to my office ” he said as we walked towards his office.
We got to his office, I was really anxious to hear what he has to say

“Doc how is my son,?  What happened to him. “Mum said sobbing.

“Calm down madame, he had a serious internal bleeding due to the  head injury
Fortunately we were able to stop the bleeding but went in to coma, in cases like this he might suffer a severe memory loss. All you need to do now is pray for him, because we don’t know if he is gonna wake up any soon ”  he dropped the bomb ????

I almost fell,, no this isn’t true!!!

I ran out of the office to the ICU level

There he laid peacefully without moving a muscle,, only the  beeping from the machines connected to him
I broke down beside his bed and took his pale hand into mine, a tear rolled down and fell on his hands.

“Miguel please wake up and look at me, don’t do this to me my love if you can hear me just come back to me. Its me your clumsy girlfriend “I cried still holding his hands but nothing happened.

Mrs Gloria POV

Oh no how could this happened to my beloved child, miguel is lying in there helpless all because of that sawyer girl.

I walked to his ward only to find her crying hold his hands but I wasn’t moved.
I walked towards her and removed Miguel hand from hers, she looked up in surprise but I wasn’t done yet.

“Sawyer haven’t you done enough huh!!  Thanks to you my son is in this critical condition, I should have known from the very first day you we’re bad luck, you were the reason my son is lying here looking pale,. Thank you very much but can you please leave before I call security .

I don’t want to ever see you any where close to this hospital or my son. Consider yourself a thing of the psst.

“Mum please don’t say that am sorry  please just hear me out” she sobbed holding my legs
i kicked her making fall flat on the floor.

Don’t ever call me your mom stupid girl

I can never be a mother to a bad luck like you

I grabbed her arm forcefully and throw out of the hospital.

Addicted To Him. Episode 67
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