June 14, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 67

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feathers inspired ????

Episode 67

Sawyer’s POV

Why is this happening to me, am sorry mum please listen to me  I tried to plead with her but she paid deaf ears.

She should punish me in any way she can but she shouldn’t keep away from Miguel, ion know if will be able to cope.

I wandered around the street with blood stained clothes, ion know what I was going to I just wanna go far from my pains.

Maybe its true am the reason he got knocked down, if I had not twisted a stupid ankle then all this won’t have happened.

Miguel am so sorry please wake up and save your mom all the pains, you guys just got back together.

Why is my love story this way what have I been doing wrong that warrant all this suffering.

The clouds we’re also aware of my sorrows as it rained heavily.
I stood still in the rain crying and screaming
I stood in the rain till I was shivering just the someone pulled me from the rain

I had to hug her back and cry on her shoulders while she patted my back.

“Its okay babe wanna talk about it?  The stranger asked
I just nodded as she walked me back to my house.

Ruby POV

Why am I feeling guilty, what have I done.
I let greed and selfishness get the best part of me.

Am so scared now what If he dies what is gonna become of mom

She is suffering so much because of my action
I just wish nothing happens to him or else or I won’t be able to leave with myself.

I tried joe cellphone number but it isn’t going through, I wonder what he is up to now.

Please lord save Miguel, I promise to amend my ways.

For the mean time I need to make up with sawyer I pray she forgives me.

Sawyer’s POV

I found a friend in this beautiful girl called jenny,

She came right on time when I needed a shoulder to cry on

I felt at ease with her, she gave me encouragement

She told me not to give up on Miguel just yet.

“So sawyer I need get going before curfew starts. ” jenny said standing up.

“Take care of your self dear and do anything funny” she added I only nod

And walked her to door as the rain had stopped.

I couldn’t help but hug her tightly she is write I need to be strong for miguel.

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