June 18, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 68

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 68

Sawyer’s POV
Days turn to weeks and week turn to months Miguel

Has not woken up but am not loosing faith yet.

I use to sneak into the hospital to see him without anyone noticing and this days have been feeling lazy and dizzy too.
Everything now irritates me, I hate smells of hard body spray and cologne.
Ion know why,

I looked chubby too.
Have decided to go for a text to know what’s wrong with today.

Miguel mom still haven’t forgiven me no matter how hard I try, jenny had  been a close friend to me too, she had been much of a comforter to me.

Sometimes I wish she was my sister.
Right now am seated in the doctors office anxiously waiting for the results.

He came in a short while with a brown envelope and handed it to me. Before speaking up

“Congratulations miss you are eight weeks pregnant ” he said

???? Huh??

I was dumb struck, how can I be pregnant

“Sorry doc there must be a mistake somewhere ” I said with teary eyes

“No mistake maam you pregnant “he said with a broad smile

Ion know if I should be happy with the news.

I stood up quietly and walked out. I hailed a cab back home and slumped on my bed crying my eyes out as I place on hand my tummy tenderly

I’m happy with the news because am carrying a part of Miguel in me
And also sad and scared of the possibility of what might happen if I break the news to anyone.

I sneaked into his ward at night as always and sat beside him, I took his cold hand and stroke em,

“Miguel baby can you hear me? we gonna have a baby soon dear” I said as I used his hands to rub my tummy.

“Its gonna be a son, we gonna teach him how to walk talk eat read and ride bikes too, he is gonna be handsome like you. Now we can only make that happen is you wake up ” I chuckled at my silly words.

I kissed both palms as silent tears roll down my cheeks.

The unimaginable thing happened

He moved his fingers.

At first I thought it was my imagination but it was true

He moved it again, I ran out to call the doctor as my eyes we’re filled with tears of joy

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