August 4, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 69

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 69

Sawyer’s POV

Its been two days now Miguel is out of coma, he resting now pending when he is gonna wake.

He has been transferred to the VIP ward now.
Have decided its time I tell Mrs Perez am carrying her grand child, ion care if  is still mad at me.

I walked boldly to Miguel’s apartment,
Met cody playing alone.

He rushed with hug immediately he saw me, I love this kid so much he is so full of life and smart too.

“Sawyer have missed you, where have you been and why do you look so fat. “He rushed me with questions

“Lol hold up cody will answer your question one after the other. By the way where is your mum?  I asked.

“She inside as usual ???? ???? ” he said as his face dropped sadly.

“, hey don’t cry little buddy Miguel is gonna fine okay??  I assured.

I left cody and walked into the living room    only to see Mrs Gloria seated at the couch her mood changed the moment she saw me.

“You!!  What do you want here I thought I warned you to stay away from my family ” he yelled angrily

“Am so sorry but please before you get mad at me just hear me out I beg you in name of God for the sake Miguel ” I said kneeling down instantly.

Upon hearing Miguel name she calm down a bit.

“Say what ever it is you have to say and leave! ” she growled at me.

“Maam I know you think am the reason Miguel is like this and you also feel its my fault. But I came here today to tell you am deeply sorry for everything and also tell you am carrying your grandchild ‘” I said boldly.

“My what!!  She asked shocked

“am pregnant for miguel ” I dropped the bomb shell again.

I was expecting her to call me a liar or even kick me out but instead she stood and hugged me as she cried like a baby.

Swears I was really happy she accepted, just then she received a call from the hospital.

We drove down to the hospital in a hurry as we we’re told Miguel was awake.

We got to his ward only to see him fully awake, Mrs Gloria joy knew no bound she rushed to her son happily,

Ruby came afterwards I wonder what’s she is looking for,. I just stood still watching the reunion..

He looked at everyone in the room with a smile but his face dropped to frown when his gave met mind.

“Miguel??? I called” whisper as tears threatening to fall

“Mom who is she??  He asked as everyone looked at him in surprise

“Miguel that’s sawyer don’t you recognize her?? “His mom asked as the tears I was holding since came out like water.

“No ion remember her!!  He dropped the bomb.

“Miguel stop this joke its me sawyer your girlfriend ” I said holding his hands but he dragged them from mine.

“What The heck!!  I don’t remember dating anyone, ion even know you, mum please tell her to leave ” he said making me feel dizzy

I tried to move my legs but I ended up falling.

I blacked out immediately

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