June 18, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 70

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired

Episode 70

Mrs Gloria POV

Sawyer black out and was rushed to a ward immediately.

Miguel started having severe pain from his head as if her falling down triggered something.

I called the doctor immediately who later sedated him to rest then he asked me to see him.

I followed him to his office after seating down he told me about sawyer’s pregnancy which was no news to me.

He said Miguel had memory loss due to the deep cut on his head it had affected his brain but fortunately its just temporary
And should not be forced to remember anything he is gonna remember gradually he said.

I was sad oh poor sawyer

She is gonna be really hurt to hear this but I still have to tell her

She deserve to know what’s wrong and why Miguel doesn’t recognize her

Sawyer’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly to see some pairs of familiar faces staring back at me.
Miguel’s mom ruby and jenny.

Memories of how much Miguel used to love me came flooding.

I wept as jenny stroke my hair

“So sorry my dear, the doctor said he had temporary memory loss its gonna back soon but he shouldn’t be forced to remember anything ” Mrs Gloria said

I cried even more, I felt my whole word crumbling down right infront of my eyes.

“What is she doing here ” I yelled on top of my voice pointing at ruby.

“Tell her to leave my sight, she is the reason all this is happening, I hate you so much ruby!!! I screamed at her face.

“Calm down dear it isn’t good for you and the baby” Mrs Gloria said

Immediately she said I could see the look of surprise in everyone eyes.

“What baby!!! We heard a voice say from the door.

We looked towards the person behold it was my mom, fear grip me instantly.

“Somebody answer me what baby!! Sawyer are you pregnant ” she rushed her question with an expressionless face

I couldn’t look at her face nor say a thing as another round of tears came rushing out.

I couldn’t help but burst into hot tears

“Shh baby don’t cry mum is here now” she said softly as she pulled me into a hug, I let out a my tears on her shoulder

We stayed like like till she later set me free.

“And who is the father of your baby

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