August 4, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 48 And 49

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 48
Lily’s POV
I’m back for revenge and won’t settle until I get one. How could she get pregnant yet it should be me carrying his child. Me to enjoy his wealth. Me to be shown that love. All the good things should be mine. She took them and I will make her cry her eyes out. She is Smith’s daughter and has a lot on her name. She is too selfish to leave Harry and focus on the businesses. Can you believe that? Scot helped me ran away from the police and am at his house.
‘You are to return the favour of me doing that. How do you intend to do It?’ he asked concerned.
‘You still love Sofia?’
‘Yeah but she is dating my friend. I don’t intend spoiling their relationship,’ he said calmly.
‘Don’t play the good boy and fight for what you want. I’m going to fight for Harry and once the relationship is broken then you get Sofia,’ I said.
‘Who told you that Harry will easily break up with her? He fights and protects what he wants. Remember he was once associated with thugs. If he fights back you are gone,’ he said but I don’t plan on giving up soon.
‘Sofia is pregnant and I know Sofia will protect that kid. I will use the kid against them. I just wait for nine months and I attack,’
‘If you succeed then I will take her but don’t count me in. I don’t want to be in Harry’s black book, I understand better,’
‘Are you a coward?’
‘Can you fight for what you want?’
‘I do but I also use may brains not to go on lost battles,’
‘Fine I will do it myself,’
‘Sort yourself,’
‘I don’t have where to stay,’
‘How is it my business?’
‘Please let me stay here,’
‘You can’t, do you want to get me into trouble?’
‘Then help me out,’
He picked his check book and handed me half a million.
‘You can leave my house,’ he said and I picked my few things and left.
This money won’t be enough for my upkeep for nine months.

Episode 49
Lily’s POV
I took a taxi and the driver drove out of the town. After about an hour he stopped and I handed him his money. The houses were small in the slums. Nobody will know am here and life here is also cheaper. I don’t even know the name of where I am. I took my bag and started walking, I was hungry and tired but that didn’t make me stop. I saw a shop and I felt a little happy because I can buy something to calm my complaining stomach. I sat on the bench outside the shop to relax but I fell asleep. I was woken up after a while by arguments. I opened my eyes to meet two men with tattoos all over. I was scared but I had to play smart. It was getting dark and I was at their mercy.
‘Hi pretty,’ one of them said and his voice was scary.
‘She can helpful tonight,’ the other one said winking at me.
I hope it’s not what am thinking.
One of them carried me on the shoulder while the other took my bag. I tried to fight but I was just like a pest to them as I was the one feeling the pain. They opened a small door that led to a dark path. He threw me in a dark stinking room. I felt like puking, I even regret coming this sides. The whole night I couldn’t sleep as thoughts of worse things happening to me never left my mind. The following morning the door opened and a different man came in. He had scars on his face and tattoos. He looked scary and the smile he put made him worse.
‘Such a pretty lady,’ he said.
‘Please don’t harm me,’ I pleaded.
‘I can’t because from the look the boss has a soft spot for you. Just be a good girl and follow me,’ he said more like a command.
And when if he didn’t command, I didn’t have an option.

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