July 31, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 71

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired

Episode 71

Sawyer’s POV

Mum its Miguel ” I murmured

” you mean Miguel the handsome boy next door Omg am gonna have cute grandchildren ” she said

I just closed my eyes halfway

I hate my life so much, Miguel please don’t go away from me I might die if ion get close to you again.


Its been days since I got discharged from the hospital and haven’t seen Miguel,

I miss him so much

Why don’t he remember me??

God why he doesn’t know he is gonna be a father soon, I thought everything is gonna be over soon I never knew my problem just started.

I already told my mom everything that had happen while she was away, as the caring Mom she is she has been supporting me also treating me like a baby make me forget my worries and also assure me Miguel is gonna be fine soon.

Ever since then have locked myself up in my room.

Ion attend classes anymore

I just want to be away from all my problems

Love is wicked

Miguel POV

Ever since I woke up from coma have been feeling strange

feeling incomplete like a part of me is still missing.

What could this be

Why do I feel like am hurting someone

I kept thinking about what that girl said about being my girlfriend could it be true??

Oh lord am confused I keep seeing flashing images but it isn’t clear enough and each time I try to force it makes me feel strong pains

I might even pass out when the pains become unbearable

I walked to the balcony and looked at the next building.
I saw that sawyer girl seating on the window crying.

Why do I feel a pain in my chest just seeing her cry

She looked pale and troubled

But will do I feel bad and strange too just seeing her tears

What should I do now

Should I go over and talk to her??

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