July 25, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 72

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 72

Sawyer’s POV

I sat down on my window frame thinking about the good times me and Miguel had together.

I cried silently till someone spoke making me clean my eyes immediately.

” you shouldn’t be crying early in the morning ” he said with his hands deep down his trouser pocket

“What do you want here” I said not looking at face afraid I might burst into tears.

“Hey chill I just wanna be friends with you ” he said

” well ion wanna be friends with you not when  am already  your girlfriend ” I said in between clenched teeth

I doubt he heard the last part.

“About what you said the other time at the hospital do you mean it ” he asked with curiosity

“Mean what please if you don’t mind just stay the hell away from me, ” I yelled at him and closed the window before breaking down in ???? tears
I can’t believe I  pushed him away

Not that I have a choice
Am doing it for his sake but why is love unfair to me.

I cried myself to sleep without taking anything.

maybe we not meant to be from the start.


My plans are working perfectly it got even better when miguel didn’t recollect any memory of sawyer.

I need get back in to her life after making her trust me am gonna make her forget about Miguel for good.

Yeah I was The one that ran over Miguel that led to his memory loss.

I stayed away for while now am back
And I need to stage my meeting with sawyer.

I just need to think of the perfect way to do that.

Miguel POV

why is she acting so stubborn Argh

I don’t know why  am even talking to her.
Tho she reminds me  of someone

But the flashes are not clear,

Somehow I still wanna keep talking to her even if she is tryna misbehave

I just wanna know the sincere truth since she claim to be my girlfriend.

I glance back at the house once more before walking away

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