August 3, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 73

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 73

Miguel POV

I walked to my house where almost bump into ruby.

Well I got to know her cause mum said she is my sister

And sincerely she has been acting way too nice and am starting to ge t uncomfortable with her.

“Oh Miguel its you” she said holding on to her chest.

“Of course its me were you expecting to see someone else ” I asked looking back and forth but I didn’t see anyone

“Not really I was just on my way out, where are you coming from ” she asked.

“Well I went to see the girl next door ” I said

“Oh You mean sawyer, that cheap slut,who got pregnant for a strange guy that ran away ” she said with a shrug

“Wait you mean she is pregnant??

“Yeah so you haven’t heard, she is a cheerful giver who goes about sleeping with all the guys in college ” she added

But why do I find it hard to believe this news
I just have this feeling that ruby isn’t saying the exact truth.

” thanks for the news if you don’t mind ruby I need to go and take my pills ” I said shoveling her off.

Ruby POV

Am so worry Miguel I just have to do this

I tried so hard to kill this feeling I have you but it isn’t working.

I was the one that switched his drugs that was supposed to be injected into his system to keep him stabilized

I administered a different one that led to his temporary memory loss.

Even if it means killing sawyer

I would do that just to get you for myself

Sawyer’s POV

It was around 8pm at night  I decided to go for a walk around the neighbor hood

I just needed some fresh air.

I  a head set on, walked till I got  freeman’s street.

Jeez how did I come this far without knowing.

Freeman’s street is no place for a woman to walk alone.

I better turn back ???? but it too late as some rough looking guys approached me wanting to harass me.

“Hey princess where you going  ” I huge looking guy said with a smirk

“Non of business just back off ” I said feeling scared but I didn’t show it

Someone pushed me from behind making me fall flat on the floor.

He dragged me by the hair to look at him before giving me a hot slap that my lips broke in the process

He pushed me back to floor till I started feeling pains all around.

Another one pulled hair aggressively making me wince in pain.

“Beg for mercy bitch”he commanded
But  am not a coward I would never beg any of them.

I chuckled softly before spatting out blood right at his face

I could see the look of terror on his face but I care less.
He should kill me any way, my life is in total distress.

He slapped me across the face pretty hard.

I suppressed the urge to cry. I won’t give them the glory of seeing my tears.

But he did the unthinkable by landing a blow on my tummy I groaned in pain.

I fell to ground weak and in pains

He wanted to hit my tummy again when  hand stopped him

And landed two heavy kick on his abdomen

My vision became blurry.

I was slowly loosing consciousness

He fought the two of them.

I scream his name before i blacked  out.


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