August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 75

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 75

Sawyer’s POV

“Calm down sawyer ” he tried to assure me but I knew something was up.

“Dont tell me to calm down, answer the damn question what happened to my baby!???  I scream at him.

He looked away and sobbed even more

Just then the doctor came in

” ohh miss sawyer I see you up, how do you feel now” he asked but I wasn’t buying that shit.

“Doctor what happened to my child'”

“Erm actually….. Am so sorry miss sawyer but… We lost your child”

“???? What???  I turned to look at Miguel but he just looked away and sobbed

Miguel POV

“No this can’t be true, my baby isn’t dead” she yell out tears

I couldn’t look at her cause I feel ashamed after making a promise not to be the cause of her tear here I am.

Maybe she doesn’t deserve someone like me at.

“Its all your fault Miguel and I swear I would never forgive you for this I hate that I love you just get outta my sight Miguel ” she yelled at me

That’s what I deserve, I couldn’t utter a word I just had to leave maybe should come back when she is calm.

Am so sorry sawyer, I didn’t mean to abandon you in time of needs I hope you forgive me.

I walked outta the hospital to my house I know my mum will be worried sick by now.

Sawyer’s POV

I feel like my whole world is shattered, have been hurt alot I think its high time I let him go,

My baby is gone all because of Miguel

I cried so much till I couldn’t anymore

Was discharged later on due to my insistence.

If tho I couldn’t walk was given a wheel chair ???? for assistant

I had to talk to the doc to give mum a call who came shortly to take me home


When we got home I had to tell everything to mum

Who in turn wept too, she doesn’t wanna see Miguel any where close to me.

I cried all night, as sweet memories of me and Miguel came flooding.

Can’t lie I love him so much

I doubt if I can live without him

Am happy he regained his memory but at the same time I want him to move on with his life

Because ion know if I would be able to forgive him at All

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