August 1, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 128

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He And Her V.

Episode 128


I came out of the doctor’s office happily. I had gone to scan what gender my baby is and it turns out to be a male.

Joy filled my heart. My pregnancy is now seven months old ,which implies that in the next two months , I will be having my baby boy at hand.

I’m just so happy right now. I walked to my car and drove home.

On getting home ,I saw Grace and her daughter playing football. I felt jealous at first but I quickly shook it off.

Why in the world should I be Jealous ,though. When I will be having my own child too in the next two months.

I’m very sure Tucker would even like a male child when compared to a female child.

“Aunt!” Grace’s child called and ran to me to hug me. That came as a surprise to me cause for many weeks now ,the girl doesn’t even greet me not to talk of talking with me or something.

I hugged her nevertheless and she looked to my face and said; “Did you bring something for me?”

“No ,my dear.” I said and kept watching her in surprise.

“Aw…bring something for me when you go out next time.” She said.

“I promise.” I told her and she nodded and was about running to her mom when she paused and turned to me.

“I can’t wait to see your baby.” She jugged away and I smiled.

I chuckled and walked inside.

I was sitting at the living room when Grace came in.

“Camilla , you still haven’t forgiven me right?” She asked as she came to sit at a chair that is beside me.

“When you leave my husband for me ,the forgiveness will come by itself.”

“Hum! I gave you a pill to use for your pregnancy about seven months ago ,how was it?”

“I believe you can see the result already. I am not feeling any pain ,fully fine. The drug really worked. I should thank you for that ”

“Wao! ” Grace said and looked away.

I looked at her with the corner of my eyes and I could see her face turned into a serious look like she was thinking about something.

“Is anything wrong?” I asked.

She faked a laugh and looked to my face. “Oh no! Everything is perfectly fine. I’m just very happy for you?”

I smiled.

“Erm…Camilla?” She called and I looked into her face.

“Have you gone to scan what gender your child is and what range of days you would be giving birth ?”

“Not yet!” I lied. I just need to be smart.

“Hum! I have a doctor that could help you on your day off delivery.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah ,he has helped many of my friends give birth easily , in fact ,you do not have to go the hospital ,once you start feeling like you might give birth anytime soon ,just message him or call on me to help call him.”

“That’s nice. I would not even need to go to the hospital.” I smiled. ” I love the idea”

“Hum! Okay ,just let me know what range of days you would be giving birth so I can inform the doctor to be ready.” She said.

“That’s not a problem ,in fact, I can just speak to my doctor now.” I said.

She chuckled happily an said; “Wao! That would be nice.”

“I was actually about to say that but I do not want to be too forward. She added and I smiled.

I faked a call and said to the phone;

“Hello ,docotor…”

“I’m fine sir …No,no ….the baby is doing pretty well ”

“Yes….yes sir. Erm, sir …Please have you helped me confirm what period I might be giving birth.”

“Oh! What! ….oops! Okay ,fine. Really?….okay,then. ”

I dropped the phone to the bed and sighed.

“What did he say?”

“Have you ever heard of women giving birth at the tenth month of pregnancy before?”

“Sure,but not rampant ,some even takes longer. ” She said and I exhaled as I nodded while faking nervousness.

“He said I will be giving birth on the tenth month ,between 8th and 10th of the month”

“Oh! Fine…” She said smiling. “I’ll inform my doctor right away.”

I watched as she informed her doctor through the phone and I smiled.

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