August 3, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 50 And 51

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 50
Lily’s POV
I followed him behind as we walked through a stinking path. I don’t even know what I got myself into. If I would be at the police I would be protected. We got to a small door that we had to bend. The room was a little bit dark. The two men were in the room and one of them was seated smoking. The other one stood behind him with a gun.
‘Look who we have here? I think you need to look good. Go in there take a shower, dress nicely then we need food. If you impress me then I guess, I may find you useful and not kill you,’ he said with a wink. I walked slowly to where he pointed and the bathroom was beautiful. I took my shower and dressed in bodyhug long gown. I went around the rooms and saw the kitchen. I want to be a good girl to avoid death. I prepared fried rice and chicken. I placed the dishes in the next room that looked like a dinning room before going to call them. I hope they enjoy the food.
I stood as I watched them eat, it seemed they enjoyed. I had already eaten some because I’m not sure they will give me some.
‘The food is delicious, I think you can be a good cook,’ the boss, as they addressed him said.
‘Let’s spare her life,’ the one who earlier had a gun said.
‘To work here she needs to know how to fight to protect me and herself. Do you know how to fight?’ the boss asked.
‘No, sir,’ I said bowing my head.
‘Dave make sure, she knows how to,’ he said and the Dave guy nodded.
‘You don’t train with that. You can’t make him loose concentration. Go and change and come in the next one hour,’ he said as they left the table. I went to the kitchen and washed the dishes first.
By the time I leave here, Sofia should watch her back. I will have everything to fight her.

Episode 51
Sofia’s POV
I tapped on the bed but Harry wasn’t there. I felt angry, how can he leave us alone? I looked at the watch and it’s twelve. I jumped out of bed frustrated. How can I sleep all this while? I went to the bathroom to prepare before going downstairs. I’m starving and I can eat a full cow. Harry was on a call when I got down so I went to the kitchen and found some pasta. I served myself a full plate with a glass of juice and sat down to eat. After the plate, I was still hungry. I picked my phone and ordered some Pizza. I placed my phone on the kitchen table and Harry got in.
‘Good afternoon, honey,’ he greeted with a smile.
‘Why didn’t you wake me up?’
‘You were tired and I thought you needed rest,’
‘I ate your pasta,’ I said calmly.
‘It was for the both of us,’
‘I’m sorry I didn’t know, I thought it was all mine. But I ordered some Pizza for us,’
‘Okay, let’s wait for it to get here,’
‘I want some raw mangoes,’
‘Where will I get it from?’
‘The market,’ I said crying.
‘Okay, don’t cry. Let me eat the Pizza then I go get it for you,’ he said and I wiped my tears.
Harry’s POV
Where am I supposed to get raw mangoes from? It isn’t easily found in the market. She such a cry baby, how can you cry because of mangoes. Maybe because she is pregnant. The Pizza was delivered but she ate three quarters of it.
‘Add some ice-cream, please,’ she pleaded as I left the house.
I walked through the market for a while before I got the mangoes. I bought ripe and raw, I can’t bear coming back. I took ice-cream on my way home.
I parked the car and she was asleep outside on the verandah. If Lily comes and sees her, she may even kill her.

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