August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 76

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 76


Woow this is even better than I thought,

Sawyer I wanted to do everything in a calm way but know you pushed me to the wall
You love is driving me crazy, ion mind killing even your mom if I have to.

Am just getting started,  I hate you so much Miguel but don’t worry am gonna ended it soon so watch your back.

Everything that had happen was staged by me only for stupid Miguel to had trail behind and spoil things. I didn’t want him to regain his memory soon but some how he managed to.

I’m a monster ???? today because of Miguel and I don’t regret it at all.

Miguel POV

I stayed in doors locked up in my room thinking of sawyer
Have hurt her so much now my baby is gone for good.

Have missed everything about her maybe I should give her a call. I picked my cellphone and dialed her line but it isn’t going through maybe she blacklisted my phone number

I wouldn’t blame her tho, just wanna hold her close.
I stood up and walked to the balcony maybe I might catch a glimpse of her face through the window
But no nothing her window are locked and the curtains drawn.

Is it that bad??  Let me go and check up on her ion care if she hate me, just can’t do without seeing her pretty face.


I strolled to her doorstep and ring the believe with mixed feelings tho.

In few seconds her mom came out, before I could even get the chance to greet her she landed three hot slap on my cheeks ???? u guess that’s what I deserve

I held on to my red cheek as I was standing infront of her angry mom whose eyes were blood shot red with angry.

“What do you want here!  Haven’t you done enough, ain’t you tired of hurting the poor girl now leave my house before I call the cops” she threatened

Maybe she is right I do need to free sawyer of all the hurt

She deserve something better which why have decided to give her some time to her self

“I know ma’am am sorry, it wasn’t my intention to hurt the one I love and treasure with my heart ” I assured

“I know you angry for have disappointed you in so many ways, I just wish you grant this request for me after then you won’t hear from me again ”  I said

“Which is??? ”

“Am ashamed of even looking sawyer in the eyes, I just want you to tell her I love so much and will forever be sorry ???? I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me, and am willing to give her the space she Is asking, tell her I said she shouldn’t cry anymore tears don’t look good on her” I said

“Thanks maam for your help good day ” I said and walked off.

It wasn’t easy saying all that to her but I had no choice

Am doing it for sawyer’s sake.

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