August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 78

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 78

Miguel POV

Its been a month now still sawyer didnt forgive me

she had ended everything concerning us.

Yeah we broke up but deep down my love for her never faded.

She turned me into a living ghost recon

I barely talk to anyone, have taken a likeness for alcohol
Ruby is back, she has been the one showing me care, maybe she is not a bad person at all

I stood at my window side and rubbed my temple
I heard laughter from sawyer’s house
She looked so happy with joe

I wonder what he is saying that’s making her laugh, what ever it is she should just be careful with joe.

He is a wolf in sheep clothing I just hope she sees this

I signed sadly and walked to the bathroom

Sawyer’s POV

Its been a month since i ended things with miguel but honestly i miss him so much

Joe came back in to my life after much pleas along the line we have been catching up
He has been a good friend to me am glad he is changed now.

We were at my compound chit chatting when I caught glimpse of Miguel he was standing at his window side so I faked being happy with joe as I laugh out loud while joe follow suit

I know he is looking at us now, but I just have to do it

i was laughing at the same time crying
But I was quick to hid my tears

He looked ???? sad I doubt if I would ever be able to love anyone the way I loved him.


Sawyer sawyer no need to rush things,
Just keep calm and watch how I take you faraway from your Miguel

Am gonna trap the two of you when you least expect it

Am gradually making you for get about Miguel without you noticing it.

I looked her cute face with a devilish grin
She smiled as we continue the chest game we we’re playing

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