July 25, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 79

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 79

Miguel POV

I hated staying at home so I decided to visit the pub
Pub as usual is crowded with lots of people

Some were smooching at a corner while some we’re dancing.

I walked straight to the bar and ordered for shots
After taking like six shots my head starts to spin, I was seeing the stars

Jeez did I take too much??
Was way too tipsy, a blonde hair girl walked towards me and started caressing my chest giving those flirty smiles

Immediately I started seeing her as sawyer I grabbed her waist and crashed my lips on hers, I nibbled on it hungrily

She was forced to break the kiss

“Sawyer why are pushing me way can’t you see that am this way because of you, please don’t push me away I love you so much I can’t do without you  ” I said in my drunken state

I landed my lips on hers again this time gently some how this lips doesn’t taste like sawyer’s own

But I didn’t care all I wanted that moment was her

She helped me up and lead me to a door at the pub which I guess to be a bathroom

She pushed me to the bed and started kissing me aggressively
Which I responded.

She unbutton my shirt and sump it on the floor I ripped her mini gown.

In no time we we’re both having hot sex.

Sawyer’s POV

I was in my room read a book series when a text popped up in my phone I checked to my surprise its from Miguel

He said I should meet him at the pub urgently
What would Miguel be doing at a pub

I was contemplating whether I should go or not but later decided to go

Who knows it might be something important


I arrived later at matrix club after paying the cab man I walked inside

I almost puked at the smell of smoke and alcohol ????

Gush why did Miguel asked me to meet him in a place like this.

I was still looking around the whole place when a guy tapped me and said Miguel is at the room at the back of the pub.

I walked to the back, I started hearing faint moans from a closed door

Wait that sounds like Miguel but what could be going on there??  I barged into the room immediately

What I saw shocked me to the bone!!!


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