June 14, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 80

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Written ✍ by feathers inspired ????

Episode 80

Sawyer’s POV

“Miguel ” I said in a whisper as fresh tears threatening fall

There he was having hot sex, I never thought he would move on so quick

Or maybe he never loved me

He looked at me with a confused ???? face then back to the girl he pushed her off immediately

I guess realization just hit him

“Sawyer…. I…. ” he tried to say but I walked to him boldly and slapped him hard across the face.

“I hate you so much, ion want to ever see your face ever again ” I said and ran out without looking back

I heard him call after me but I didn’t bother to look back

How could he be so wicked  I thought he loved me..

I took a cab straight to jenny’s apartment
Immediately I got down.

I walked sadly with my eyes burning ???? red
I got into her apartment without knocking, I met her cuddling a cushion tenderly and watching Netflix

” hey ???? she said immediately she noticed my presence

I didn’t replied instead I engaged her in a sisterly embrace and sob quietly on her shoulder

“How could he do this to me, why did he moved on so quick ” I said in between sob

“Its OK baby mind telling me about it ? ” she asked as she rocked my back.

I just nodded

I told her everything from the msg to  whWhat I saw at matrix,

“Sawyer do you still love him?  She asked with a smile

“Ion know jenny ” I lied and looked away

“The earlier you stop lying to your self the better, I know you still love him if not so you won’t get mad if he had moved on. You were the one that wanted out in the relationship ” she said as if she read my mind.

“Am confused jenny ” I said sadly

“But wait sawyer you said he asked you to come over to matrix that its urgent, come to think of it baby, why would Miguel ask you to come to matrix to see him having sex with another lady?  .

Because from the little time have come to know Miguel  he would never do something like this, I suspect fowl play” she reasoned

And yeah she is actually making alot of sense

“What if he decided to moved on, or he actually never loved me ” I said childishly

“Chill babe Miguel won’t do that, and I know the perfect way to find out whay really happened at matrix

“Really?? ” I asked

‘Yeah am gonna give Trina my cousin a call ???? she knows what to do ” she said

“What!!!  You mean scary Trina I hope she doesn’t kill anyone ” I said with grin

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