July 28, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 129

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He And Her V.

Episode 129

Month of Delivery( The Ninth month.)

Camilla’s POV.

I had known that one of this days I might be giving birth so I had being spending all my days at an hotel not to far from the hospital.

On this very day when I start to feel a storm in my stomach ,I struggled to call unto an hotel attendant and I told them what hospital to carry me to.

I was taken there and I’m now laying , the storm in my stomach stopped for a while.

“How are you feeling ,ma’am?” One of the nurses asked.

“Fine. Is my husband around?” I asked.

One of the nurses went out and came in with Tucker.

“Baby!” He called gently and pathetically. He rubbed my big belly with a teary smile.

“I’ll be fine.” I said and kissed the back of his Palm.

I began to feel a storm in my stomach all of a sudden ,this time harder and I was forced to groan.

“Excuse us ,sir?” I heard one of the nurses say to Tucker as the began to hurriedly rally around me.

Tucker’s POV.

I’m so nervous right now ,I went out of the ward that my wife is and began to toss to and fro hoping that she gives birth safe and sound.

I was pacing round the passage.

I received a call few minutes later and I picked it. The call was from Grace.

“Dear , where are you?”

“I went out ,any problem?”

“No, just checking on you. I kind of miss you?”

“Aw…Thanks. ” I said.

“But…I’m not seeing Camilla at home this days? What’s happening? ”

“Nothing. Be fine Grace… Talk to you later.” I said and hung up.

About ten minutes later , a nurse came running to me.

“Mr Tucker ,right?”

“Sure …how is my wife?” I asked.

She stood and bite her lips as she looked into my face.

Her face was fast becoming a teary one and my head start to ache all of a sudden.

I knew at once that something evil has happened. I began to pray that Camilla should be the one alive ,if we loose the baby ….we will get over it in time.

My heart is beating faster and I felt like I may fall and faint if it persists. What kind of a horrible thing has befallen me.

“What…happened?” I asked. I was already dead ,though standing.

Tears finally dropped from the nurse’s face and that was when I knew that something terrible beyond control must have happened.

“Tell me what happened? ” I yelled painfully.

The nurse before me turned and tapped her fingers.

What for?

Another nurse then came into view with a baby in her hand; walkings slowly to where I stood.

“What’s the matter with the baby?” I asked thinking that the baby must have being dead.

“Your wife said he wants you to carry the baby and kiss it before we go and treat the baby.” The nurse said and handed over the baby to me.

“And my wife ,how is she?”

“Absolutely fine.” The nurse replied.

I exhaled happily and kissed the baby tightly on his forehead.

“Baby , I pray this day that you would not have a rough path like me. You won’t make a silly mistake that would cost you a life time to amend. Be strong.” I said to the baby and the baby’s loud cry increases.

I gave the baby to the nurse for treatment and ran inside the ward to see my Camilla.

On getting there… I saw Camilla lay still ,her eyes closed. My heart beat faster in fear.

I turned around to see if there is any of the nurses in view and I couldn’t see any.

No ,no! I don’t wanna believe that my Camilla is dead.

I walked to where she lay and placed my hand on her nose …Jeez! She’s not breathing.

“Camilla!” I shouted to the top of my voice painfully and shook her shoulder gently and sadly.

“Camilla!” I cried with hot tears falling like rain on my face,my head aching like it will break and my legs shaking like I would fall and die.

“I’m fine man ,it’s just a prank.” I heard her say and I couldn’t believe my ears.

Her eyes are now wide opened and I hurriedly and happily planted a hot kiss on her lips.

We began to kiss as we cry silently.

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