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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 46

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“Lisa.” Juan and Davina was surprised to see her present at the court but the woman didn’t seemed bothered.
Adrian came in from behind her and so did Mr Munroe.
Everyone was murmuring and saying one thing or the other,
In fact, the court was not in order.
As the woman got closer,
Juan and his wife looks like they’re petrified.

Order in the court!
Order in the court!”
Slowly everyone stopped talking,
Lisa,Adrian and Mr Munroe were already seated,
“Your honor mind if I continue?” Mr Cabrera asked the judge,
The man nodded.
“Your honor,
Mr Garry’s death was a pure mechanical malfunctioning in the plane.
All reports has it so and even when a thorough investigation was carried out on the plane after the accident,
It clearly showed that the automat controller had problem and the pilot was confirmed on over dose of Narcotics” The man explained,
The judge didn’t say a word but nodded.

“I also have evidence to prove that too,” Mr Cabrera brought some some few more files from his file bag that rested on the table and handed the files to the judge.
“Here’s the the autopsy report on the pilot who died among some few victims,
The man was high on Narcotic and had lost control of the plane,
And here’s is a report made by hiKingston,Mr Joe who had survived the accident,
He stated that the pilot was high on narcotics and was behaving abnormal before the plane crashed.” He said in defense of the accused,his client Juan Kingston.

After his session,
Diego’s Lawyer came out to the front.
Initially when the Kingstons had found out who had laid the charge against them,
They’d been surprised.
They’d expected Eva to be the one behind the case but surprisingly,it wasn’t her.
Rather it’s Diego Larsen,
Their son Davis,his best friend.
And where the heck was Davis?
No one knows,
He’d left New York in search of Eva and his son,
So literarily, he has no idea what was going on while Joseph’s still in jail for attempted murder.

“Your honor,my client here,” He pointed to Diego,
“Has so many evidence against the Kingston on some many charges.
First was the accident that had claimed Mr Kingston’s older brother’s life.
It wasn’t an accident as stated by the cops,
Late Mr Garry had been close friend with Mr Kingston since college.
And stating from the evidence Mr Kennedy had kept,
Mr Kingston had threatened him with his girlfriend Ava and has asked him to help tamper with the brakes of José’s car.”
He brought out the files and handed it to the judge and also an autopsy report on José Kingston.

Soon after all the evidence started coming out after each session.
Mr Garry did really gather enough evidence against the Kingstons before he passed away.
The report on the the dead investigator,
Drugs and money laundering and a little that was enough to vindicate Mr Garry’s family.
After seeing all evidence against them,
The Kingstons and Mr Cabrera know it was a lost case to them,
Since the evidence that was presented to court by the accusing team was far reliable than theirs.

“I order the Court of Law to go one a ten minutes break.” The judge announced,
Everyone stood up while the magistrate made the formal announcement.
After the court room was empty except some few court officials and the judge who were busy with the court’s final verdict on the case.

“We can’t allow them win this case,
Think of something Williams,
Think.” Juan urged Williams Cabrera,
“Mr Juan,we’ve used all tactics we know,
The only option we’ve now to win this case now is to go through the upper hand means.” He said,gathering the files in his office.
“What do you mean?” Juan asked him,
“Which of the upper hand means?” He asked the man,
Williams stop what he was doing a fully concentrated on the man in his office,
“We’ve a very slim chance to win this case,
And if we do lose,
You know what the consequences will be Mr Kingston?” He said,
Juan nodded,

“Now this is what we must do to win this case,
We either,buy the judge’s favor or steal it from him.”Williams said wickedly,
“It’s either we bribe him to change the verdict,since his decision is final.
We either bribe him but if he refuses,
We threaten him to change his verdict or….”
The door opened immediately and Davina barged in fuming with great anger.
“What’s it?” Juan asked her filled with concern,
“The nerve of that woman,pretending she doesn’t know who I am.” She fumed,
“Which woman?” Williams and Juan asked together,
“Who else if not that Lisa.” She said.

During the court session,
They’re been so busy with trying to clear their asses,
She escaped their mind.
How comes she’s still alive when the assassin they’d sent to confirm her dead,send an autopsy report of her dead body.
The man had even sent some gruesome photos of her already burnt beyond recognition body that he identified to them through a postmortem report.
Had the man tricked them?
Or what?
“What do we do now?
Lisa is a living witness and she knows our secret,
The only thing now’s just to use her against Diego and his team,
Then buy the judge over to change the verdict.” Juan suggested.
After some thorough thinking,
Both Davina and Williams agreed to the new plan,
To capture Lisa to send Diego and the other man in turmoil then buy the judge’s favor.

“Adrian,” Diego called him,
Adrian left the woman and came to where Diego was sitting.
The woman didn’t say a word to them.
“Where did you find her?” Diego asked him,
“She helped me find Mr Munroe, so I thought it best I being her in.” He said,
Diego smiled,
“Do you know who she’s and why she cause enough chaos amongst the Kingston?” Diego asked him,
Adrian shook his head,
He only knew the woman’s name as Elisa and the Kingstons called her Lisa when she entered the court.
“Man,she’s Eva’s mother…”
Adrian gasped!
“Yeah,she’s is and I can’t still believe it cause everyone knew that she’d died in the plane crash that’d killed her husband.” Diego said to him and peered to the woman.
“So what do we do now?” Adrian asked,
“For now,
It’s best we focus on the case at hand then after that,
We get a more suitable way to inform Eva that her mother who she thought was dead wasn’t rather,
She’s alive but has no memory of who she’s.” Diego said to him,
Adrian nodded.
That’s the only way to help now.

Unknown to Diego and his lawyer,
The Kingstons and their lawyer went ahead and bribed the judge.
The man had refused with when showed the huge sum of money he’s about to reject just because of serving justice to a dead man,
He rethought his decision,
Then reluctantly accepted their offer.

After the short break,
The court ordered everyone in for their final verdict on the case.
This time around the court was filled than it was earlier cause most of the press snuck in as casual to get the real story.
“This honorable court welcomes you all back to the final verdict of this case,
I would ask,
Does anyone has any more evidence or view to give concerning this case?” The magistrate asked,
Diego and Davis were very confident and so was the Kingstons,
Cause they’ve bribed the judge and the man had accepted.
“Does any one have?” The magistrate asked again,
No reply.
“Now according to the evidence presented by the accused and the accuser before this honorable court,
I thereby find Mr Kingston….”
A male voice called from the door,
Everyone turned to see the young man who was standing by the door.


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