July 31, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 47

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????????????IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE????????????



It was Davis at the door and hell no,
He was furious.
Maybe because he’d gone away from home for too long searching for Eva and his son,he never knew what was going on,
That he was mad at his parents for the crimes they’ve committed.
No one knew,
But what they could all guess was the the man was very disappointed and angry.

Slowly he walked down the aisle till he got to the front,
“Good day your honor and sorry for having to interrupt this honorable court.”
How turned to his friend Diego and Adrian beside him,
“I don’t know what to say to you Dieg,
But one things for sure,
Thanks for doing what I couldn’t do so many years ago.”

Diego couldn’t fathom the actual meaning of his words but he knew that Davis wasn’t happy,
In fact he was disappointed and sad.
“I would like to make a confession before you finally pass your verdict,
That’s if this honorable court would allow me.” He looked at the judge,waiting for the man’s permission.
The judge gave his permission by nodding to him,
“You can go ahead and make your confession.” He said to Davis.

Davis turned and face the people present in the court,
“Mom,Dad,I’m so sorry but I guess this has to end now.
It’s important you all know that all the charges against my parents Mr and Mrs Juan Kingston are all true and I testify to that,
I didn’t want to do this since cause I didn’t want to be the unfilial son but I guess that one way or the other,
Justice must prevail.”
Juan was surprised,
His own son testifying against him.

“Objection your honor.” Mr Cabrera said,standing up to interrupt Davis,
“Objection overruled.” The judge stopped him immediately,
In anger he sat down fuming.
“This son of your is about to ruin our chance of winning this case.” He said to Juan and his wife.
“Davis!” Davina called,
Davis looked at her but still didn’t stop.

“Yes,I testify that my parent are guilty of the murder of Mr Kennedy and his wife,who turned out to have survived the crash but the masterminded of all this plans is none other than Mr Cabrera.” He pointed to the lawyer,
The man gasped.
“What nonsense are you saying?” He yelled,
“Mr Cabrera,you don’t have to get mad or go bananas,
You know what I’m saying is true.” Davis continued.

“Son,do you have proof to the claims you just made?” The Judge asked Davis and he nodded,
“Here,” He brought out an audio tape from his pocket and handed it to the judge,
“Your honor,this video tape was handed to me by the man who Mr Cabrera had hired to first assassinate the Kennedy but he failed.” He explained,
The judge played the tape.

“You have to make sure you do a clean job,
Don’t let anyone know about this.
Mr Kennedy has been on my nerve for ages and unfortunately for him,
I’ve just teamed up with his best friend against him,
So if he dies now,
No one would know that I’m behind it…”
He laughed evilly.
“But Sir what if he survives it and?”
“He shouldn’t survive this,
Not him and not his wife.
After his death,
Even if they’re to point accusing fingers,
It’ll be to the Kingstons and not me.
This is killing two birds with one stone.”
The record ended.

“So your honor,if my parents were to be convicted for murder,
Mr Cabrera here should be convicted too for attempted murder and alliance to murder of the Kennedy’s.” Davis said to the judge.
Juan and Davina was surprised and so was the rest of the court members,
“Williams!” Juan called angrily,
The lawyer stood up and snorted,
“And so what?
What if I attempted to kill the Kennedy’s?
You too wanted them dead and that’s what makes us both guilty.” He retorted.

Before he knew it,
Juan punched him hard on the face,
The man staggered back while the court cops came in and held Juan back.
“You slimy two faced bastard!” He cursed,
They dragged Williams from him while the man laughed evilly,
“Juan,we’re in this together.” He said
“Order in the court!
Order in the court!” The judge said,
Everyone calmed down.

“With all this evidence brought into this honorable court,
I hereby find Mr Juan Kingston and Mr Williams Cabrera guilty of all charges laid against them,
Murder and illegal deals and I sentence them to life imprisonment with no grant or bail.
This is the court final verdict.” The judge said immediately and hit the hamrock hammer.
“No!” Davina cried.

The cops came and handcuffed both Juan and William,
“Let him go!” Davina cried as she tried to free her husband.
The cops pushed her away.
Davis couldn’t do anything,
He stood far from them as he watched the cops dragged his father away while his mother was crying after them.
Someone tapped his shoulder and he turned,
It was Diego and Adrian.
“Dave,I’m so sorry things had to be this way.” Diego said to him,
Davis just nodded,

“It’s all on me,I should have set all this right.” He replied,
“You did what I’ve chickened out myself from doing a long time ago.” He continued.
He turned to Adrian,
“Man,I’m sorry for being a jerk to you.
I didn’t mean everything that’d happened then,
I was just obsessed with having Eva and Tyler back that I didn’t bother to know who her heart beats for.” He apologized to Adrian.

Adrian could do nothing than just nod.
“Where’s Eva?
Haven’t seen her around?” He asked,
“Uhm,she isn’t here actually,
Eva and Tyler are in somewhere safe and void of all this chaos.” Diego said to him.
Davis nodded,then turned to the woman beside them.

“Ma’am Lisa,
I know you don’t even recall who I am but I’m very sorry for not protecting your daughter like I’d promised you.”
The woman stared at him awkwardly then only nodded to him.
He was still busy talking with them when they all heard a loud gunshot and they all turned to see the chaos that was right before them.

To be continued.

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