August 1, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 1

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Loretta. Episode 2

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(episode 1)
My name is Loretta; I am the only child of my father, I don’t know my mother, I have never seen her before except in a wedding photograph with my father, according to my father he said my mother died the day she gave birth to me. My father is a wealthy man, he provide me with all my needs. I attainted the best school in our state, I have my own room but we don’t have a maid, I do the house chores alone and I enjoy doing it, we live in a big mansion painted with blue and white color, our compound is big, big enough to turn it to a market square.
When I was 12 years old, my father got married to another woman name Jennifer, thus I was against it because I have been hearing of how step-mother always hate their step-daughter, but I don’t have a choice than to accept her. My step-mum was so beautiful but not as beautiful as my mum, she treat me like am her own child, she always calls me my angel while my dad calls me my jewel, every morning before I could wake up she has already prepared breakfast for the family, I love her so much that sometimes I do forget that she was my step-mum, I always called her mum, she always drives me to school every day and anytime she is back from the market she must buy me something. Anytime she wants to go for shopping she must take me alone, she makes me forget my mum.
On my 14th birthday my step-mum bought me a gold necklet, that was so kind of her and my dad gave me the biggest surprise, he bought me a brand new car, he said I will used it when I finish my secondary school and he also gave me a gold wrist watch. Everything was moving fine my step-mother loved me so much, whenever she want to go and make her hair she will take me along sometimes we make the same hair style. But one thing was missing, she could not give my dad a child and most times it always bring problem at home between my dad and her. For six years she could not bear a child I wrote my Wace and came out with flying colors.
One Saturday morning something terrible happened, my step-mother was not at home that day she went to see her parent since Thursday evening she said that she will come back on Sunday evening. I woke up early in the morning said my prayer and went straight to kitchen to prepared breakfast for me and my dad, I prepared fried yam and fried egg because that is my dad’s favorite meal in the morning, when I finished everything I went to his room to call him, I knock on the door but he didn’t answer so I open the door and he was still sleeping then I said, “oh father you are still sleeping please wake is 8 o’clock already please come down stair for brake fast I have prepared your favorite meal”. he did not respond then I shake him but he didn’t say anything I tried to wake him up but he didn’t wake up, my heart beat started to beat very fast, I remove the bed cover from his body and touched his right hand and it was cold, he was not breathing again I shouted I started crying I ran outside and called our gateman when “ Mr. Johnson please come and check my father he is not moving his body and his hands are cold” he followed me to my dad’s bedroom and he also tried his best to wake him up but to no avail he suggested I should called our family doctor, when doctor came, he confirm that my father is dead I could not believe my ears so I ask him again and he still told me the same thing I called my step-mother and told her everything, she came back immediately she heard the news. Before she reaches the house, they have already taken my father to mortuary. My step-mum cried so much that I have to stop myself from crying and tried to console her, I know it hurt her a lot because she has not given my dad any child and my dad relative will come and push her away.


Loretta. Episode 2

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