July 25, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 2

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(episode 2)
Three later, dad’s burial was fix.
The news of my father’s death spread like a wild a fire, I couldn’t believe that my father is dead.
Two days before my father’s burial, I went to my step-mum’s room to tell her that my friends will be coming to the burial and they will spent a night here in the house.
I wanted to knock on the door but the door was open so I entered without knocking the door, I didn’t see her, I heard a sound in the bathroom,
I guess she is bathing, so I decided to wait for her to come out, I overheard her talking to someone on the phone, but I didn’t hear it clearly the only thing I heard was
“ don’t worry as soon as they finished the burial I will sells all the properties including the companies I will sell everything” she pause for a while and then continue “don’t you trust me again I made that useless man to will all his property to me and he did, so am the owner of all the property and after the burial we will get married and as for the daughter I will kill her the same way I kill his father without any trace, I poison her father on Wednesday evening with a very strong poison, that kind of poison always have effect on anybody that drink it after 2days so I will do the same thing and nobody will question me in fact let meet this evening at our usual place so that we can talk better bye see you by 8:pm.”
When she finished making the call she turn on the shower, I was shock, how can my dad will all his properties to her, this woman is wicket after killing my father she wants to kill me too ah this woman is horrible,this woman is more than wicked,
I left her room went back to my room, I was so scared that I stayed in my room all day.
When my friends came they stayed in my room I refused to eat in the house that day I took my friends to a restaurant to eat and when we came back,
Stella asked me “why didn’t you cook even when you know that we are coming, that money you spent today was too much, you bought food for five of us”. Am sorry I was sick and I couldn’t enter the kitchen and prepared something.
They all forgave and they wanted to see my step-mother I told them that she went out she will come back in the evening.
We played, chat, they make me to forget about my father, my step-mother came back in the night, she came and knock on my door I refuse to answer even when I heard her, one of my friend Blessing tried to wake me up I pretend as if I was fast asleep then went and open the door for her,
I over heard my step-mother asking Blessing about me and then she told her that I was asleep and she left.God am so scared of my step-mum
will i be able to keep away from my friends? i really hope this woman doesn’t kill me,
God please protect me ooo.


Loretta. Episode 3
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