August 1, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 3

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(episode 3)
The next morning I was in my room, I refused to go out then my friends began to suspect that something is wrong, they told me that my mother has cooked something delicious, that they want to and eat, I should come with them, then I told them that she was not my mother but my step-mother. Blessing then ask me “since when did she stop being your mother because the last time I check you were the person that told us that she has replace your mum, that she treat you like a princess and that you love her, you even said we should address her as your mother, so why are you saying that she is not your mother but your step-mother? I ask them is she not my step-mother?
Stella said “we know that she is not your biological mother but you…..”
but what? See I was the one that said you girls should address her as my mother and I also said that you girls should address as my step-mother and please if you people want to live and see tomorrow don’t eat anything in this house, we will eat outside till they finished my dad’s burial.”
Joy asks me“but why?
then Victoria said “please tell us, what is the problem? I said to them, “you guys will not understand and even if I tell you now you won’t believe me because I don’t have any evidence, so just forget it please”.
Esther said “at least if what you want to tell us is not something that someone told you we will try and understand and also believe you even without evidence, so go ahead hit the nail on the head, tell us we are your friends.”
Then I told them everything, how my step-mum killed my dad and also planning kill me, they were shock.
Esther: report her to the police so that she will face the law for killing your father.
Victoria: or better still report her to your family members like your uncles so that they will be very angry with her for killing their own blood brother, they will even collect the property from her and give it to you.
All this things they were saying were not making any sense at all.
Stella: Loretta see don’t mind any of them, don’t report her to anybody or any police station at all, because you don’t even have any evident that your step-mother killed your father, what you need to do now is for you to look for a way to escape from her before she kill you the way she killed your father please think very well.
then I said Stella I think you have a point there but what should I do now because I need to look for evident to prove that she killed my father, so that my mind will at rest.
Joy: Loretta don’t even go there please, you know that she kill your father and you are talking of getting an evident to prove to your uncle that she kill your father, what at the process of looking for a prove she kill you, just look for a way to live this house after your father’s burial before she kills you because the last time check you said that she want to kill you after your father’s burial so the earlier you live this house the better for you.
Victoria: don’t worry lore I have plan for you
Stella: what kind of plan, mrs planner.
Victoria: tonight were are going to help Loretta to arrange some of her few things put them in a bag, then tomorrow as soon as they finish her father’s burial she will go with me to the city that means she will be staying with me.
Joy: wow what a brilliant idea
Blessing: you’re such a darling
Esther: you are a very good friend at least that murderer will not see to kill
Me: thank you very much am speechless right now, what will do without you.
We hug each other, there were so much happiness on our faces
Me: well I would have love to stay with you but what about your parent won’t they complain?
Victoria: see Loretta, my parent will love you to stay with me in the house as long as you are my friend and also am the one that said you should come and stay with me, and beside my parent hardly stay in this country, they always travelled from one country to another, the house is always boring especially when my brother is not around, so you’re free to come and stay with me.
Me: okay thank you very much
Joy: can we please go out now and eat something because am very hungry right now.
Blessing: ah ah Joy, you and food, abeg comot for her you too de like food
Joy: who no like food?
Esther: am sure you can’t fast for five hours.
Victoria: five hours you said, this one cannot fast for even one hour, abeg five hours is too much.
Stella: please let us go and eat before Joy faint.
We all laugh and went outside, we went to a restaurant close to my dad’s compound, I paid the bills, thus Victoria wanted to pay for it but insist that I pay and she agree, after finished eating we all went back the house, we play, chat and we even swim in the swimming pools in the compound. In the evening, people started coming into the compound to help put something in order, the women were busy in the kitchen while the men were in slaughtering the cow, we went to the kitchen to join the women in cooking but aunt didn’t allowed us, as soon as she saw us, she said
Aunt Mary: oh my love, how are you doing dear?
Me: am fine thank you aunty.
Stella, Joy, Esther, Blessing and Victoria greeted her at once.
Aunt Mary: good evening my children, how are your parents?
All: they are fine aunty
Aunty Mary: when did you girls arrive?
Stella: yesterday
Aunty Mary: and I hope Loretta has been taking good care of you guys
Esther: yes aunty
Aunt Mary: please my children anything you girls can do to make her not to think too much please do
Me: ah ah aunty who told you that am thinking, and beside this ones that can play, especially Blessing, she love gossiping.
Blessing: are you any way called me a gossiper?
Victoria: no your royal highness, how can she called you a gossiper when we already know that you are a gossiper
We all laugh
Aunt Mary: what are you girls doing in the kitchen?
Me: we came to join the women in cooking.
Aunty Mary: no, no, no you girls should worry, just go upstairs and relax
Me: but aunty we are bored we want to do something
Aunty Mary: okay fine if that will make you happy, what you girls do
Stella: we want to prepare salad tomorrow so we wash it tonight and then tomorrow morning we will prepare it at once without looking for who to show us.
Aunty Mary: give me some minutes let me bring the things out for you girls.
All: okay aunty.
After some time she came out with some things needed for preparing salad, there was no space in the kitchen to wash those things so we took a basin, fetch some water inside took it to the dinning, we wash the ones that are needed to be wash and after that we put them in the fridge and went back to my room.
Esther: oh my God am feeling sleepy already, I really need to sleep right now.
Victoria: hey mrs sleeper come let arrange Loretta things first before you sleep.
Joy: Esther, you don’t like food only, you also like sleeping.
Victoria: let me call my driver and inform him to come very early in the morning so that he can put the bags in the car without anybody seeing it.
Blessing: yes is true.
After she had finished telling her driver what she want him to do in the morning i and my friends arrange my things inside two bags and after that we chat for a while and later we slept off till morning.


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