July 26, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 1

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 2

???? Six Days With A Bad Girl ????

Written by Feathers.

Episode 1

(Be fine , boy)

Romeo’s POV

I entered the house with my bodyguard. He was carrying my briefcase.

“Drop it in my room” I commanded him and he walked away.

I walked to the set of chairs in the living room to greet mom but I noticed someone strange sitting.

“Hi mom”

“Romeo!” She yelled and ran closer to me as she hugged me.

“How was the conference? ”

“We made the deal as usual mom”

“Really, does that mean you are travelling to Australia anytime soon?”

“Yes, mom. The plane will be ready by 8AM tomorrow. ” I said and sat

“My bad! Sorry for not telling you to sit ”

“It’s alright, mom”

“Great! But is the requirement still the same?”

“Yes, mom…and that is exactly where the problem is now. I do not have a girlfriend but I have to go there tomorrow unfailingly with a girl , how is that even possible?”

“Very possible , my son” My mom said.

“Huh! ”

“Yeah…I worked on that already. Juliet meet Romeo…Romeo meet Juliet ” My mom introduced the girl and I to each other and I chuckled.

“Who the h#ll is this mom?” I requested.

“She’s one of the trainee at your father’s Camp. I carefully chose her and as you can see , she is beautiful and agile” My mom said smiling.

I giggled sarcastically again.

“Mom, you are funny… She maybe beautiful to you but obviously ugly to me ”

“I’m not arguing but let her follow you to Australia tomorrow , since you will just be spending six days there ”

“Not like you have a choice, though” My mom added, she wink and left Juliet and I at the living room.

The girl was looking at me bodily without being scared , normally, girls trip for me just by seeing me.

Many ladies adore me because of my handsomeness and here is this girl staring at me without showing any expression.

“For real? I will be travelling to Australia to spend six days with you?” I asked setting my gaze at her.

She smirked , removed a chewing gum from her bag and tore it open. She began to chew it.

She rested her back to the chair and crossed her legs with a smirk on her face.

“Excuse me? Do you hear what I just asked?”

“Of course , I do…I guess you know the answer already” She said and stood.

“I’ll be waiting for you same spot tomorrow , to travel with you to Australia , till then…be fine boy?” She said and walked out.

“What the h—ll!”

Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 2

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